Mobileum Talks: 5G Core Packet Testing

12th July, 2023

Mobileum Talks: 5G Core Packet Testing

What will you learn from this session?

  • Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape by learning how Verizon is leveraging 5G test automation capabilities with a comprehensive packet core testing solution.

  • Unlock the potential of cloud-based environments for testing, ensuring compatibility and adaptability to meet the diverse requirements of modern networking infrastructures.

  • Simplify your testing processes and improve efficiency through seamless integration with any pipeline tool you use, facilitating faster deployments and enabling continuous integration and testing.

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  • Terry Caterisano

    Distinguished Engineer, WirSystems & Maintenance Engineering, Verizon

  • Steve Brooks

    Global Pre-Sales Technical Team Leader - Testing & Service Assurance, Mobileum

  • Landon Holy

    Technical Account Manager, Mobileum