Mobileum offers Roaming, Counter Fraud, Revenue Assurance & Network Signaling Security solutions powered by real time data analytics & AI.

What the industry says

“They are ones to follow, passionate about our industries future”

“Great people, who really listen to their customers”

“Fantastic team”

” They are always trying to succeed in business and they are willing to innovate”

“There’s no one who doubt they are innovative and ofter find unique solutions through their research”

“Many useful insights with machine learning”

“Execute their ideas not just create them”

“Powerful innovator”

“Helping to change the tech industry”

“Excellent leaders in Firewalls”

“The Number one vendor of SS7 Firewall”

“Strong leadership in Signalling and Firewalls”

“They have a great reputation and we are always inspired with how much intelligence information they have”

The core Active Intelligence platform combines insights with the ability to take actions in real time, thereby enabling solutions that generate new revenue, reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation.

Built to run on a cloud, and in a virtual environment, the solutions easily blend factual data with behavioral and predictive insights. Mobileum has more than 600 customers in 150 countries, including large operator groups, and was acknowledged by its peers and customers as the #1 innovator in a recent independent survey of over 180 solution providers.

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2017 Glotel Security
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2018 GSMA Security Solution of the year