WeMeet Asia 2022


  • Adeep Maharaj

    Adeep Maharaj

  • Avnish Chauhan

    Avnish Chauhan

  • Denise Wong

    Denise Wong

  • Dheeraj Kumar

    Dheeraj Kumar

    PLDT Philippines
  • Dibyo Haldar

    Dibyo Haldar

  • Bernardo Lucas

    Bernardo Lucas

  • Carlos Marques

    Carlos Marques

  • Carlos Martins

    Carlos Martins

  • Deep Basu

    Deep Basu

    SVP of Roaming & Core Network Solutions


    Deep Basu is a results-driven, pragmatic business and tech leader with over 25 years of solid experience in Technology - specializing in telecom and fintech. Deep is the SVP of Roaming & Core Network Core Solutions for Mobileum and he has been assuming different roles within Mobileum for the past +15 years, since it was founded as Roamware. Deep previously has worked for SoftPlus, InfoGain and Oracle.

  • Dilip Venkitachalam

    Dilip Venkitachalam

  • Gabriel Chiriacescu

    Gabriel Chiriacescu

  • Gaurav Deshmukh

    Gaurav Deshmukh

  • Hermawan Kristanto

    Hermawan Kristanto

  • Jeewapadma Sandagomi

    Jeewapadma Sandagomi

  • Kugan Thirunavakarasu

    Kugan Thirunavakarasu

    Celcom Axiata


  • Mei Lee Quah

    Mei Lee Quah

    Frost & Sullivan
  • Muh Hafiddudin Triatmojo

    Muh Hafiddudin Triatmojo

    Telkomsel Indonesia



  • Nadir Patel

    Nadir Patel

  • Pramod Ranjane

    Pramod Ranjane

  • Mun-Kein Chang

    Mun-Kein Chang

  • Raja Hussain

    Raja Hussain

  • Saruj Thipsena

    Saruj Thipsena

  • Sreenadh Ambarkhana

    Sreenadh Ambarkhana

  • Yeen Chin Chan

    Yeen Chin Chan

  • Stephen Ornadel

    Stephen Ornadel


  • Steve Brooks

    Steve Brooks

  • Vincent Robertson

    Vincent Robertson

    Technical Customer Manager, New Products & Solutions, GSMA Services

    Since joining GSMA from Samsung in January 2022, Vinny has taken responsibility for masterminding how GSMA’s newer and more complex services, can be ingested within our customers’ businesses.  Whilst the world of wholesale roaming is relatively new, Vinny brings his excellent hands-on communication and organisation skills to coordinate multiple product, technical and operational teams. He is currently focused on GSMA’s eBusiness Network Accelerator offering which enables carriers and MVNOs to join the Telco network and experience first-hand the value of GSMA’s blockchain applications in the wholesale roaming negotiation and settlement arena.

  • Tony Poulos

    Tony Poulos

    The Host

    Tony has a strong telecom BSS knowledge in billing, revenue assurance, managed services, payments and mobile content delivery. In June 2011, Tony was recognized as one of the 25 most influential people in the telecom software industry.