Layer123 Reunion

26 – 28 April 2022 Madrid, Spain

Layer123 Reunion

Intelligent Network Automation Congress

Helping Communications Service Providers transform their services into cloud intelligent networks

As a neutral third party, Layer123 presents a balanced and unbiased perspective that exposes the real-world considerations and innovations evident throughout the entire ecosystem.

The 2022 Layer123 Reunion Congress will examine the strategies of various sectors in the telecoms industry with the aim to achieve the vision of overhauling manually intensive operational frameworks to realise the benefits of the Cloud model.

Traditional Communication Service Providers need to evolve into Digital Service Providers to survive the onslaught of Cloud Service Providers entering the market. The key to this evolution is modularly automating the Radio Access Network from orchestration layer to abstraction point using improved tech like AI/ML. Traditional business structures do not lend themselves to the new procurement and operations models network automation entails nor to the integration of disparate components.

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  • Fulvio Fugazza

    Key Account Manager

  • Ariel Vergara

    Senior Product Manager

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