CFCA Spring Educational Event

April 15, 2021 [Virtual]

CFCA Spring Educational Event

Putting Advanced Analytics at the heart of the fight against Subscription Fraud

Mobileum will take part of the CFCA Spring Educational Event.

We will contribute to this event with the session that will be presented by Amit Jain – Product Director for Fraud & Risk at Mobileum on the 15th of April. You will have the chance to get to know more about:

  • A quick overview on subscription fraud and its impact
  • How synthetic identities are used for committing multiple fraud
  • It’s time to embrace AI/ML for combating Subscription fraud
  • Dynamic digital identity validation can help in enforcing multi-channel authentication and verification
  • A case study on how an operator used AI/ML capabilities to stop usage of synthetic identity (anonymous)

 For more information on the event, please follow CFCA.

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