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Roaming Intelligence

Managing and controlling the CSPs roaming IoT services.

Mobileum’s Roaming Intelligence for CSPs IoT services

To ensure comprehensive IoT services to the subscribers as well as to reap the revenue from IoT solutions, CSPs understand that global network connectivity is a must-have requirement for all IoT devices. For this CSPs need to look for a digital partner who can not only ensure connectivity across the globe, but also provide multiple value-added solutions such as data analytics, seamless QoS (Quality of Service) based connectivity or steering, etc. Today because of its maturity backed with a strong record of innovation, Mobileum is well-positioned to provide all such Roaming Intelligence solutions and services for the CSPs IoT business.

Mobileum a preferred roaming partner for global IoT connectivity

The way IoT devices and its services are expanding, it’s quite evident that IoT is transforming the Telco business as well as its revenue generation. Lower cost, higher revenues along with best of class services are few benefits which most of the enterprises expect to achieve through proliferating IoT business. This all can be achieved through Mobileum’s IoT global connectivity services thus enabling devices to be easily, safely and cost-effectively connected and managed.
  • Enables global network coverage
  • Provides bootstrap services for IoT devices across the globe
  • Provides local breakout data traffic network
  • Ensures data network is in compliance with the local country regulation

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How Mobileum can enable and monetize IoT roaming

GTP Traffic Router
Private APNs can give IoT solutions the opportunity to further tweak network parameters. Define static or dynamic IP address ranges for your IoT SIM Cards. Secure connections further while on roaming or enforcing authentication.
  • Isolate traffic and redirect traffic to private APNs 
  • Conform to security and IoT devices usage policies
  • GTP router with APN correction
  • Load-Balancing for Mobile IoT
Dynamic IoT Steering
When choosing an IoT provider your customers want to ensure that your solution is the best one for their business. Benefit from a range of IoT steering of roaming (SoR) options, each individually designed to meet their business-specific needs.
  •  Connect to multiple networks according to the use case 
  • Dynamically Steer to quality or price 
  • integration with IoT packet printing for device-based steering
  • Auto-tune real-time advanced steering
IoT Testing
Mobileum offers advanced testing services to help MNOs meet regulatory, partner and customer network requirements, as well as quality, user experience and performance requirements to ensure devices and systems remain safe, secure and reliable to use.
  • IoT roaming service monitoring
  • Wholesale agrement testing
  • Testing according to industry requirements
  • Compatibility testing
  • Customer experience testing

Real-time IoT data and service profiling for contextual offerings and services

IoT is not only revolutionizing the life and experience of consumers but certainly also revolutionizing the way companies can learn about who their consumers are, communicate, and interact with these customers. As per a survey, it is estimated that by 2021 roughly fifty billion devices will be connected to the internet. This would translate to around 6.58 connected devices per person. Thus, it becomes imperative to profile each user, device based on their data consumption and service patterns. Mobileum offers AI and ML-powered contextual profiling of IoT devices, enabling operators to offer differentiated services and create new revenue streams in response to evolving market conditions.
  • Target and profile IoT devices based on usage and services
  • Move from off-the-shelf to “hyperpersonal” offerings and services
  • Leverage opportunities at scale
  • Utilize AI/ML intelligence for quicker returns

IoT Service Assurance for 100% connectivity and reliability

The success of IoT services depends on two key factors: the performance of the IoT devices and the performance of the networks that connect them. Thus, simple analytics, in some cases, will need to be introduced right from the beginning to ensure QoS, followed by machine learning-based analytics to derive higher intelligence for assurance and new business purposes. Mobileum can offer IoT service assurance management solutions that will ensure that the IoT network performs at a very high level, is faultless, always connected, and delivering on the promise of 100% connectivity and 100% reliability.
  • Real-time network performance management
  • Customer and device roaming experience management
  • Advanced analytics including machine learning
  • Network fault management along with service quality management

Kaleido Intelligence Research

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IoT Testing services for guaranteed QoS and reducing network threat

With IoT increasingly gaining the attention of the industry, users, and regulators, it’s important to ensure that the network is highly secure, delivering high-level service performance with guaranteed quality of experience. At the same time, it is equally important for the CSPs to have the ability to control and monitor these new revenue streams and ensure they are managed correctly. Mobileum’s innovative IoT testing solution helps IoT roaming testing along with the capability to detect new threats and challenges as IoT starts to evolve in the traditional Telco landscape.
  • Testing of IREG use cases for launching roaming - LTE/VoLTE services
  • VoLTE Roaming Testing to enable faster launch of VoLTE roaming agreements
  • NB-IoT and LTE-M Roaming testing

AI/ML powered IoT Device and Segment based Steering

CSPs are expected to provide best QoS along with seamless device registrations for the global IoT roaming devices and SIMs. It is logical for a carrier to try and steer the SIMs/devices to a low-cost network, so that they can have better margins, but this may impact the QoS. Mobileum offers rules backed with AI/ML capabilities, an IoT device and segment based steering solution to CSPs, so that they can have complete control on the roaming IoT devices and steer them to optimum network, ensuring best QoS as well as seamless connectivity.
  • Real-time visibility of all roaming conditions and activity
  • Reduce wholesale costs & maximize roaming margins
  • Assure higher customer experience