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Validate any cloud from a single installation

Mobileum’s NFVI (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure) Testing Suite is an open system designed to be the central point of an organization’s automated testing of NFVI for both VM-based and Container-based Network Functions that can be easily integrated into existing test environments via the RESTful Application Programming Interface.

The solution comes with a set of pre-integrated Test Suites called Parent Test Suites that can be used to test from the first installation or be the starting point of a customized Test Suite. Each configuration is a new test case that allows an “infinite” number of Test Cases. Depending on license agreements multiple clouds can be benchmarked/tested from a single installation.
NFVI Testing Use Cases and Test Areas

Emulation of VNF/CNF behavior on NFVI

The test scenarios use Industry Benchmarks with 200 Essential KPls. If all KPI SLAs are fulfilled, the NFVI will be able to properly support any VNF or CNF. It comes with Pre-set Test Suites and Test Cases, which can be added many times to a test suite with different configurations. br />
. The main features:
  • Creation of test suites, including test case configuration.
  • Execution of test suites, including execution, scheduling, and queueing.
  • Test Report management: Presentation, Search, Compare, Storage, Archiving, Export, and Import.
  • User notification of test results.
  • Test environment management.
  • Support for parallel test teams.
  • APIs for Test Workflow and CI/CD/CT pipeline integration.
  • HW expansion testing
NFVI testing

6 reasons to use Mobileum’s 
NFVI Testing

Application and interfaces
Cloud environment(s) set-up
Benchmark/test multiple clouds from a single installation.
Interactive subscriber database
Powerful data collection
Ability to collect data during the execution of Test Cases or during testing of a VNF/CNF with an external tool.
Scalable solution for Core Network Testing
Benchmarks with
200 essential KPIs
If all SLA KPls are fulfilled, the NFVI will be able to properly support any VNF or CNF.
Continuous Monitoring
Infinite test
suites and cases
Pre-set, customizable, and importable tes cases. Multiple clouds can be benchmarked/tested from a single installation.
Core network testing full automation
APIs for Test Workflow and CI/CD/CT pipeline integration.
High-Performance Packet capture
Reports and alerts
Detailed test reports and the ability to send alerts based on test results.

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