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Excellent roaming experience at the EURO Cup and the Olympics

To assess your readiness for the two monumental sports events, avoid steeper decreases in roaming quality, and ensure the best user experience, Mobileum has launched special GlobalRoamer® packages with extra probes installed in strategic locations to allow operators to proactively:
  • Evaluate the quality of essential services
  • Monitor connectivity, speeds, and network performance
  • Ensure the behavior of technologies such as 5G and VoLTE
  • Benchmark and manage roaming partners
  • Identify bottlenecks and service degradation
  • Avoid steeper declines in the mobile experience
  • Apply steering policies using established configurations

Extra probes in Paris and surroundings

For the Olympics, Mobileum has added extra probes to GlobalRoamer®, the world’s largest E2E active testing platform for roaming, covering more than 98 percent of the globe to validate 5G, LTE, 3G, 2G, CSFB, VoLTE, IoT, and Emergency Services. GlobalRoamer® generates real mobile international traffic anywhere, anytime, by virtualizing any SIM to any location in the world, using our SIM card pool with over 500+ operators. The test packages include:
  • 5G NR Data Testing (attach/PDP context activation/speed)
  • Voice Quality (VoLTE / 3G / 2G)
  • SMS (3G / 2G)
  • HTTP Download (LTE)
  • Ookla SpeedTest (LTE)
  • CSFB Voice
  • IMS Register
  • VoLTE & SMSoIP
Roaming Excellence at Paris World Games 2024

Assess your roaming quality at the EURO Cup

The extra probes installed in strategic locations throughout Germany will allow operators to evaluate the quality of essential services, networks, and technologies such as 5G and VoLTE, detect issues and failures, benchmark roaming providers, and proactively manage partnerships while keeping regular roaming QoS campaigns undisturbed. The EURO Cup Package includes:
  • Location Update & Activate PDP context
  • HTTP Download
  • Ookla Speed Test (4G & 5G)
  • Youtube Video Streaming (4G & 5G)
  • VoLTE voice call (R->H and H->)
  • Optional: MS
GlobalRoamer Platform

A portfolio of solutions to ensure operational efficiency and the best roaming experience

5G Roaming
Quality Assurance
Mobileum’s 5G Roaming Testing is a robust and scalable solution to continuously test, monitor, and benchmark 5G QoS for Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) deployments through automated E2E active Testing for international networks.
201124 mobileum card emergency services ecall testing
Emergency Services and eCall testing
Mobileum’s Emergency Services Testing is a US & EU-patented solution that monitors and troubleshoots emergency services and platforms 24/7, and allows operators to ensure availability, location information transfer, and performance monitoring.
201124 mobileum card signaling firewall
IoT Connectivity
This GSMA-compliant IoT Testing Suite runs over GlobalRoamer®, the world’s largest roaming test platform that supports 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT,and LTE-M with an IoT coverage over 210+ networks on 150+ locations in 100+ countries.

6 key reasons why operators worldwide choose GlobalRoamer® to ensure roaming quality during large-scale events

Monitor the real User Experience
Global coverage
Supports 2G, 3G, LTE, CSFB, VoLTE, IoT, 5G, and Emergency Services using our SIM card pool from 500+ MVOs.
User friendly scripting
SLA verification
Independent benchmarking and verification of SLA for mobile connectivity and services.
Different 5G Test Methods
Verified activation
Speedy eSIM provisioning and enabling/disabling of operator profile.
Proactive monitoring
Proactive monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring of provisioning, authentication and availability for service assurance.
optimze 5G rollout
Reporting and alarms
User-friendly reporting tool, customizable dashboards, mobile service map, and real-time alarming.
icon trusted partne
Reduced costs
Early service detection and proactive verification of SLA saves money and enables grounded decision-making.

GlobalRoamer® integrates MAS

Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS), an intelligent umbrella platform that supports DevOps and CI/CD/CT, optimizing root cause analysis and enabling operators to perform network upgrades and fully test new releases, automated as needed, in the lab, in the production network before deployment, and then to re-test them in the network to ensure quality and performance, avoiding glitches before any customer impact.

MAS gives 360° insights on service quality from both customer experience and network performance by generating a cross-correlation analysis across the network, user KPIs, and service KPIs. It provides the complete customer experience view with 24/7 real-time analytics of individual subscriber digital activity.

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