Automation Framework

Our Automation Framework accelerates service assurance capabilities

Today’s networks are extremely complex with several technologies, a multitude of devices, protocols, new and legacy services, all running in parallel. New technologies, like IoT, 5G, and network virtualization add further complexity to a world where telco services have become critical. Mobileum's Automation Framework (AF) reduces the challenges operators face with network design, technology integration, deployment, operation and maintenance, thus minimizing the risk of network or service failure that can lead to lost customers and revenue.

Mobileum's Automation Framework provides a set of tools that enable operators to automate manual testing and monitoring processes. It can be used at all stages of the network lifecycle, from design to deployment and operations, by both lab and production teams. It includes the capability to run variants of existing test cases (5G, IoT, voice, data, messaging, etc.). It also allows power users to define new test cases or scenarios, simply using keyword-driven scripting on top of a group of testing building blocks.

The AF augments end-to-end active test data with input from third-party tools, which can quickly troubleshoot multi-vendor networks and complex service issues, thus guaranteeing service performance and availability.
Automation Framework Mobileum

Boost your continuous testing with CI/CD

With 5G, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and automation processes are making their way into network operations and service deployment. Testing strategies must be aligned to this fast-paced environment to ensure the success of the wide range of business scenarios that will be enabled by 5G.

Mobileum’s Automation Framework can work standalone or can be easily integrated in larger automation processes such as CI/CD pipelines, where the addition of a continuous testing component is vital. To provide even more flexibility, the AF works in tandem with the proven Mobileum's SITE testing scenarios using RESTful APIs that allow users to automate the system and extract data generated from periodic tests and automation tasks. With the SITE RESTFul API and the Application Framework users can:
  • Start automation tasks from third party system based on user input or automated process, e.g. after a SW upgrade
  • Pull data and result files from the SITE system
  • Integrate the SITE platform in their operational process, e.g. create chat-bots, performance monitoring web-application, etc.
Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment

SITE Automation Framework

Accelerate innovation, improve customer experience, reduce operational costs

Orchestrate and execute even the most complex test scenarios

Operators are now facing many challenges that cannot be fully addressed with a manual process. They need to optimize the OPEX for managing the network and at the same time reduce churn by increasing customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, telco products and networks are getting more complex, since virtualization often means that different building blocks are combined from different vendors and software upgrades and roll-outs are delivered at a faster pace due to new services beeing constantly deployed. All this requires an automated end-to-end testing strategy.

The AF can address virtually any production or lab automation-testing task, such as:
  • Automate manual processes, e.g. health or status check process, Method of Procedure (MOP)
  • Run active testing, periodic or Ad-Hoc
  • Trigger service acceptance test procedures
  • Design and execute user acceptance testing
  • Integrate and share data between 3rd party systems via RESTful APIs
Automation Framework use cases

How does Automation Framework works?

With Mobileum's AF, engineers can automate a wide range of operational, testing, and troubleshooting tasks.

Below a non-exhaustive list of the features povided by Mobileum's Automation Framework:
  • Keyword-driven test implementation with proprietary and open-source libraries
  • RESTful API Integration with 3rd Party Tools
  • Web Application automation with Selenium
  • Leverage SITE's end-to-end active testing capabilities (5G performance testing, IoT testing, etc.) 
Automation Framework solution

Keyword-driven testing for enhanced user empowerment

Mobileum’s Automation Framework provides a wide range of low-level building blocks that can be used to create various automation tasks using simple, keyword-driven scripting, which enables users to achieve more concise, maintainable, and flexible testing. At the same time, it requires less effort due to its high degree of reusability. Our solution has been developed to identify and provide a set of keywords which have an associated action or function. Users can combine the keywords into powerful test cases that leverage all the capabilities of SITE and AF. For day-to-day operation, existing test cases can be simply parametrized and run ad-hoc or periodically depending on the use case.

Leveraging more than 30 years of SITE expertise, the Automation Framework provides its own library of keywords, which can be used to build a wide range of test scenarios. It also allows users to use keywords from well-known open-source libraries provided by Robot Framework or to create their own libraries.

The key advantages of the SITE Automation Framework are:
  • Create their own, keyword-driven automation test tasks
  • Define expected output values and map verdicts to outputs
  • Customize reports and KPIs 
  • Access a wide range of libraries for building automation tasks
  • Access a state-of-the-art web interface to parametrize and schedule already defined automation test cases
  • Integrate the automation tasks with third party systems using SITEs RESTFul API

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Simple and collaborative automated testing with third party tools

To successfully deploy and run today’s networks, operators need to rely on an ecosystem of technologies often using multi-vendor implementations. At the same time, operators often rely on multiple testing tools incapable of aggregating results into one single version on performance. It creates an operational overhead, requiring engineers to interact with disparate tools individually for performance analysis, troubleshooting, or any other monitoring task.

SITE's Automation Framework enables users to integrate third-party tools in their automation process, simply using RESTful APIs calls as part of the automation task. At the same, the SITE system can easily be integrated with third party systems or platforms using its own RESTful API.

Below some key advantages of the AF collaborative automated testing:
  • Easily integrate RESTful API calls in the automation tasks, e.g. augment E2E test data with passive traces
  • Provide system abstraction with its own SITE API towards third party platform, e.g. chatbot integration
  • Reduce troubleshooting times by provide more data to engineers
Automation Framework integrating with third party tools

Leverage Mobileum's SITE end-to-end active testing capabilities

Mobileum's SITE is an all-in-one testing and monitoring solution, covering all services and technologies from a single platform. Our new Automation Framework includes the capability to create and deploy variants of existing SITE test cases, such as:
  • 5G performance testing
  • IoT and eSIM Testing
  • Voice, data, messaging testing
  • IMS service testing
  • Emergency services 

Mobileum's SITE generates real-time traffic into the network in order to emulate real subscriber behavior. Probes are connected to our analytics platform and placed strategically throughout the network to provide geographical coverage, fault localization, and alarms.

To know more about all our test cases:

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Automation Framework and Active Testing Capabilities

6 key benefits of Mobileum’s Automation Framework solution

Enrich data from your active E2E Testing
Enrich data from your active E2E Testing
Aggregate relevant information from core network elements or other monitoring tools to ensure quality across the service delivery chain.
Create virtually any test scenario
Create virtually any test scenario
Address any testing use case using keyword-based scripting SITE Libraries and Robot Framework to create virtually any test case.
Automation Framework API
Automate or integrate via RESTful API
The AF and SITE provide tools to automate third-party systems, while opening its own RESTful API to automation from the outside.
Full access to SITE’s test interface
Full access to SITE’s test interface
The AF can be used to create test scenarios across all technologies from 2G to LTE, IoT, and 5G over radio access, smartphones or core network interfaces, as well as fixed line and IP.
Tailored for all users and departments
Tailored for all users and departments
The AF allows all users across any department to benefit from its capabilities. Power users can configure and modify test scenario scripts, while ad-hoc testing can be quickly performed using a Web UI by parametrizing and executing existing test definitions.
Comprehensive results and KPIs
Comprehensive results and KPIs
Get insights into service availability and performance, network status, regressions results, and service stability across the entire service delivery path.

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