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5G Performance Testing

Build, rollout and operate a reliable and high performance 5G network

Test tools to ensure the successful deployment and operation of 5G networks

5G monetization and customer experience relies on ensuring that 5G rollouts are done right since day zero. 5G introduces a new radio technology and new frequency bands, which makes Smartphones even more complex. The first 5G devices will need to support Dual Connectivity with both LTE and 5G. Furthermore, 5G networks are designed from start with virtualization in mind, which will enable new features such as network slicing. However, this will bring increased complexity and create challenges in isolating service issues, especially in multi-vendor environments.

Mobileum’s 5G Testing Suite is an active end-to-end testing solution for, 5G that leverages the full potential of SITE’s testing methods with Smartphones, Wireless Interfaces and Core Network probes, to deliver all the insights related to 5G service performance and quality of experience.

Designed and optimized to test, monitor, troubleshoot, and benchmark 5G services 24/7 with scalability in mind to evolve as 5G technology moves forward, our platform is the right ally for operators that want to achieve the highest data rates, the stricter latency requirements, and extreme reliability.
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A comprehensive testing suite for 5G networks and services

Mobileum offers a comprehensive portfolio for end-to-end performance verification of any 5G network environment, ranging from 5G non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) to 5G fixed wireless access, and 5G network slicing.

The promise to our customers is to bring all of these factors together to allow them to get their share of the expected $2 trillion 5G market and ensure long-term commitment of their customers.

Using our unified approach to 5G testing, validation teams can create automated, reusable tests quickly and efficiently. Automation frees these teams to focus on creating comprehensive test suites, rather than performing manual tests.

Testing Features for 5G Services & Networks

SIM Multiplexing - Enhanced Audio Detection - Scheduling

Smartphone based testing for 5G

  • Quality of Experience is key for the success of 5G. For most consumers this will be reflected in the performance that they experience on their 5G Smartphones. Mobileum’s Smartphone Experience solution supports operators with the critical task of ensuring 5G performance on flagship 5G Smartphones. Smartphone Experience allows users to easily create an automate 5G tests on devices and to get insights into the subscriber experience. 

    Key benefits of Mobileum’s Smartphone Testing for 5G: 
    • Fastest method to ensure early 5G service performance
    • 5G throughput and latency validation– key aspect
    • Basic services assurance, i.e. voice
    • EPS fallback performance measurement for voice services from NR to LTE
    • Validation of key features availability such as dual connectivity
    • Enhanced audio detection for audio availability, sample lenght, and bandwidth
    • SIM Mutiplexing for testing different SIM profiles or for benchmarking

5G wireless module testing

Mobileum’s 5G wireless module is a robust and scalable solution to continuously test, monitor and benchmark 5G QoS for Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) deployments. Testing using wireless modules allows operators to pro-actively monitor 5G services and determine the performance of their 5G network in the key markets.

Our solution supports 5G NSA, 5G SA and LTE using various frequency bands to generate an extensive set of standard and additional 5G service KPIs, such as 5G radio, band, and bandwidth, network type, and restrict DCNR.

Mobileum’s 5G wireless test cases include:
  • Basic IP: DNS, FTP DL, HTTP Browser / PS, ping, traceroute, etc.
  • Ookla speedtest using the official Ookla client
  • Data capacity and IP link metrics: HTTP / FTP DL multiple TCP capacity, iperf, traceroute MTR
  • YouTube
  • WebBrowsing 20
mobileum 5g wireless module testing

5G core network testing

Mobileum’s Core Network Testing validates baseline 5G network performance over S1 (NSA), N2 or N3 interfaces using high frequency testing without influence from radio conditions. It emulates control and user plane and has been designed for fast and flexible deployment in virtualization environments.

Our 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) testing uses eNB and gNB emulation over S1-U and S1C to verify 5G NSA service availability and performance, as well as data and VoLTE performance. Our 5G Standalone (SA) testing uses gNB emulation over N2/N3 interfaces and verifies 5G SA service availability and performance, and both data and voice (VoLTE/VoNR) performance.

Mobileum’ core network probes can be virtualized for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) environments (e.g. VMWare, OpenStack). Support for virtualization enables flexible deployment and at the same time allows operators to ensure that virtualization has no impact on service performance.
Mobileum 5g core network testing

Testing for 5G network slicing

Network Slicing is a key feature of 5G that utilizes virtualization capabilities to create logical networks with different performance characteristics. This allows operators to address different 5G use cases using the same underlying infrastructure. However, it also means that SLAs must be monitored and assured for each slice.

Mobileum’s 5G Slicing validation and monitoring solution can test both RAN and CN slicing, at all stages, from slice instantiation, through its operation and up to decommissioning. It provides performance score cards per network slice, toghether with the ability to drill down to traces and detailed KPIs for analysis and troubleshooting. Pro-active alarming ensures that any degration in slice performance is piked up before having service and business impact.

 5g network slicing testing

Boost your continuous testing with CI/CD

With 5G, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and automation processes are making their way into network operations and service deployment. Testing strategies must be aligned to this fast-paced environment to ensure the success of the wide range of business scenarios that will be enabled by 5G.

Mobileum’s Automation Framework can work standalone, easily integrated in larger automation processes such as CI/CD pipelines, where the addition of a continuous testing component is vital.
To provide even more flexibility, the AF works in tandem with the proven Mobileum's SITE testing scenarios using RESTful APIs that allow users to automate the system and extract data generated from periodic tests and automation tasks. With the SITE RESTFul API and the Application Framework users can:
  • Start automation tasks from third party system based on user input or automated process, e.g. after a SW upgrade
  • Pull data and result files from the SITE system
  • Integrate the SITE platform in their operational process, e.g. create chat-bots, performance monitoring web-application, etc.

Fixed wireless access (FWA) testing

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is one of the 5G Use Cases that promises to bring high speed broadband to homes or offices through 5G enabled CPEs and provides an alternative to fixed line Internet access. Typically fixed line access is associated with high QoS and stability.

To ensure the success of 5G FWA, the service must provide similar and even higher performance, while navigating the challenges of wireless operation.

Mobileum’s fixed wireless access (FWA) testing solution consists of an IP Testing Probe equipped with two 1Gbps LAN interfaces connected to the 5G CPE and the SITE Testing Platform for an end-to-end testing using real data traffic with different QoS requirements. Key benefits of Mobileum’s FWA testing solution for 5G:
  • Verifies connectivity performance and network accessibility
  • Ensures the service integrity and data capacity
  • Measures the quality of connection especially in areas where the gateway is behind low emissivity building materials
  • Measures traffic streams that originate from a WiFi client (non 3GPP), which may not be properly classified by the WiFi access point part of the CPE
fixed wireless access testing

Leverage the full power of Mobileum's SITE to be ahead in 5G

We understand that testing 5G networks can be almost as complex as designing the network itself. At the same time, we believe that one size fits all testing approach just will not work for 5G.

To reduce our customers’ time-to-market and how results can be achieved, our QoS and QoE testing solutions are powered by SITE (SIGOS Integrated Testing Environment).

Mobileum’s SITE is a fully cloudified environment that delivers the largest global test platform for end-to-end testing across 2G, 3G, LTE, IoT, and 5G networks. SITE, a system that has evolved over the last 30 years, includes an extensive range of test scenarios that can be rapidly leveraged by Communications Service Providers (CSPs) that want to make the most of 5G technology.
Leverage SITE for 5G

6 key benefits of Mobileum’s 5G Performance testing solution

Monitor the real User Experience
Monitor the real User Experience
Device-Based Testing to test and monitor QoE, giving an insight into the performance as experience by the subscriber
User friendly scripting
User friendly Scripting
Prebuilt testing Scenarios and also flexible test scripting options that can be used to address a wide range of use cases
Different 5G Test Methods
Different 5G Test Methods
Different complementary 5G test methods, ranging from Smartphones, Wireless Modules or Core Network Probes
Pro active monitoring
Pro-active monitoring
Improve customer experience through pro-active monitoring and the ability to detect issues before they have a customer impact
optimze 5G rollout
Optimize 5G Rollouts
Optimize 5G Rollouts by monitoring the service impact of changes in the network
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Trusted Partner
Mobile 5G Performance Testing Solution is trusted by many operators around the world.

Assure 5G customer experience, operational efficiency, and monetization opportunities by leveraging other products in our Portfolio

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Mobileum 5G Smartphone Experience testing suite has been designed to ensure full quality of service through end-to-end active testing. 
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See how Mobileum can help protect & grow your business

Over 900 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Track real-time performance

Our end-to-end active testing suite delivers meaningful KPIs that determine the real quality of mobile networks.

Our user-friendly dashboards provide customized views of the tests results. Moreover, the easy to use interface, allows users to generate their own reports that can immediately pinpoint problems as they occur, observe trends and raise the awareness for potential network degradation indicators as they arise.

Taking advantage of real-time alarms operators and service providers to detect problems and take action before affecting customers for proactive action. Leveraging Mobileum’s portfolio of solutions metrics can exchange between Roaming and Risk management products for additional insights on roaming QoS and revenue assurance charging auditing based on QoS and QoE metrics.     
mobileum 5g track real time performance

Increase Risk Management analytics with proactive testing

The ability to create network slices with 5G is a key technical enabler for new business models. Valuable new business services for various technical and business purposes will be configured using these network slices, which enterprises may in turn monetize.

Each trigger condition (i.e. chargeable event) defined for the 5G data connectivity converged charging functionality, needs to be linked with the associated behavior when they are met. Real-time processing, tagging, aggregation, and temporal correlation are part of our revenue assurance software monitoring capabilities in order to audit immediate and deferred chargeable events for 5G offline, converged online, and offline charging.
increase Risk Management analytics with proactive testing