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Roaming Data Management

Increase revenue through tailored services while optimizing the use of network resources

Policy control plays a key role in roaming data management

The power of our roaming data management solutions lies in the insights they deliver about networks, services, and customers. We produce real-time analytical insights that can then be used to apply contextual policy control to address the specific business requirements while optimizing network resources.

Converged Policy Control for all roaming service

Policy control fundamentally means managing network traffic and its many variables: customer segment, type of network service, usage metering per roaming destination, fair use policy (FUP), network speed and quality of service, etc.. Mobileum delivers a converged policy control solution for Data, Voice and Text services for various generations of mobile networks. Mobileum’s policy control solution makes it easier to enable roaming policy control since everything is in one place for ease of configuration, operation, and integration. For policy management, Mobileum delivers key products: RoamPolicy and RoamWallet.

Prevent network abuse with RoamPolicy

RoamPolicy – Policy-based Service Controller from Mobileum helps MNOs exercise control in real-time and comply with the regulatory requirements on Roaming Fraud Prevention. The solution provides operators with real-time control on Outbound and Inbound Roamers at three points: registration time, service access time and on-usage volume exceeding configured limits. This control, for Data, Voice and Text services, provides operators with a wide range of options to configure actions such as real-time blocking of fraudulent transactions, sending SMS/E-Mail alerts to a customer operations’ team to prevent fraud or even temporarily suspend service with the option to resume barred services.

Assure voice quality and margin assurance with Least Cost Routing:

Mobileum’s RoamPolicy service ensures that calls made by outbound roamers from the visited network are routed in an optimal manner, with the aim of maximizing the margin that accrues to the home operator. Outbound roamers often face voice quality issues while calling back home and rest of world destinations. The partner network carrier does not always route the call via quality international routes and the home operator does not control route selection. Mobileum’s least-cost routing service, powered by RoamPolicy, enables home operators to re-route the roaming call and choose international long-distance to interconnect which provides the least cost with high quality.

6 ways that our data management solutions can improve your operations by controlling QoS and optimizing cost Smart Home Re-route

Enhanced Margins with charging policies
The policy interfaces with the main packet gateway and makes charging enforcement decisions. The centralized device can act as a policy decision point for the wireless operator and goes down to the individual subscribers allowing it to implement policies that increase margin from calls originated from its outbound roamers.
Increased revenue
Dynamic control over QoS and charging help operators monetize their LTE investment by providing customers with a variety of QoS and charging options when choosing a service.
Link QoS with Roaming IOT
Policies can be set in RoamWallet differently – as per subscription, location, access gateway or access device type. For example, for HD voice service the policy can be set for a higher bandwidth/quality codec negotiation and an emergency call can be set for the highest QoS.
CLI Delivery
Our data management solutions can help in assuring the of quality of service like CLI delivery protecting against arbitrage fraud scenarios.
Fraud protection
Increase the levels of protection against fraud use cases like Early Call Answer, CLI spoofing, call stretching for calls made by outbound roamers back home or even zero-rated fraud.
Monetize LTE deployments
Apply chagrining policies while accessing-agnostic service delivery, lowering platform cost for delivering them, a more flexible environment to rollout newer applications with blended multimedia services support.

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Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Real-time usage metering and dynamic charging with RoamWallet

RoamWallet delivers a powerful combination of policy & charging features, combining OCS and PCRF features to give our customers a tool to rapidly set new roaming offers for the market. By delivering a combination of Online Charging System (OCS), the Subscription Profile Repository (SPR) and the Policy & Charging Rules Function (PCRF), with RoamWallet, MNOs can control real-time charging information from the roaming user, by processing the charging information related to the service units granted by the home OCS, determining the rating for the sessions, and monitoring the quota of service units in the visited network based on the allotment of service units and rating.

RoamWallet delivers a Flexible Pack Planner for Monetization and improved Customer Experience

The rise of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are causing data pools to drain rapidly. The RoamWallet – Roaming Data Management solution enables operators to define new roaming bundles and launch them within days instead of weeks or months. Sitting above an operator’s existing charging and policy system this ensures quick time to market. The anti-bill shock functionality enables operators to comply with regulatory requirements around preventing customer bill shock. This is facilitated through real-time usage analysis, notifications, and controls. These statistics can be delivered in the form of subscriber-, application-, and session-based Charging Data Records (CDR), enabling operators to analyze subscriber behavior and to direct broadband resources toward more profitable revenue plans.

Mobileum Network Services Portfolio

Discover why the Mobileum product portfolio is changing the roaming landscape worldwide.

Anti-Bill Shock Solution with RoamPolicy

Bill shock fear is a major hurdle for roaming since it creates bad debt, can hurt the brand value, generates disputes and ultimately can end up in churn. So it’s important for operators to measure activity data collected from the network in real-time and to be able to block access to the services whenever the limit is reached. Mobileum’s policy control solutions integrate into the operators' core data network enabling real-time monitoring of data roaming subscribers ensuring operators can alert them on high data usage, therefore, preventing bill shock. All standard protocols like GTP, SS7, and Diameter are supported by our probes, as well as inline monitoring using Gx or Gy interfaces. The accounting packets are then processed by the rules and rating engine to determine the subscriber roaming status, tariffs, location, etc.

Address silent roamers with real-time provisioning of tailored tariff plans

The ability to detect 100% of silent and low usage roamers in real-time is a key factor in capitalizing on this new source of revenue. Offering lower-priced incentives and attractive roaming rates will promote usage. With Data Management by Mobileum, operators can empower their silent roamers by offering tailored tariff plans to meet their individual needs. Customized bundles, together with warning thresholds in real-time, can have a positive impact on usage by increasing confidence. Moreover, providing subscribers with complete control to manage their spending will help to eliminate bill shock.

Enriched Self Care Channels for a user’s desire to be in control

Many MNOs often use different activation systems and methods (SMS, USSD, Call Center, WebPortals or APIs) according to the service type and the sales channel in place. As such, customer data can easily become out of sync with service and resource inventory as well as business systems. Mobileum RoamWallet is able to respond in real-time to orders placed by subscribers by following all network and roaming service activation requests from on a single platform, allowing MNOs to enable the consistent and rapid provisioning of new roaming services. Flow-through service-provisioning processes are supported using APIs that easily integrates with the service providers’ Operations Support System (OSS), removing the complexity of OSS integration.

Accelerate VoLTE roaming

A guide to accelerate interoperability, by making interconnection, peering and roaming easier.

Provide better customer experience with AI virtual Assistant

Instant Messaging is becoming a big platform for the future of communication as digitally adept millennials nowadays prefer texting instead of phone calls. The telecommunication business is also adopting this behavior at the drop of a hat to boost customer engagement. RoamWallet allows the deployment of chatbots that allow interaction with customers to capture orders, without needing to transfer to contact center agents. Many of your customers’ questions can be answered by chatbots even outside of regular contact center working hours, which can save your business valuable time and resources and allow your agents to provide the best service possible to customers with more complex inquiries.

A Policy Enforcement strategy for the Internet of Things Applications

The increasing number of IoT devices raises concerns about the amount of data they generate and – more importantly – their content, having security and privacy implications. Billions of new mobile devices are being connected in multiple countries and regions and the costs for connectivity is becoming even more critical for the success of IoT/M2M, considering that these devices need to be connected any time and everywhere. Our policy enforcement engines, allows MNOs to easily launch, monetize and secure the release of IoT offerings, based on a wide set of parameter including the device type, time of day, location, service type, QoS profile, charging characteristics, etc.

Data Management integrates seamlessly with our roaming and fraud solutions to provide a one-stop-shop to protect and monetize services.

Fraud Protection
Together with our Policy control solutions, our fraud management system can act in real-time to block fraudulent actions that can lead to network abuse, unauthorized access or abuse of zero-rating services.
Policy management can be used to charge subscribers based on their volume of usage of high-bandwidth applications, charge extra for QoS guarantees, limit app usage while a user is roaming, or lower the bandwidth of wireless subscribers using heavy-bandwidth apps during peak usage times.
Retail Roaming
Data access is still a growth engine for operators and is helping in compensating the decline in voice and messaging revenues. An important component in LTE networks is the policy and charging control (PCC).