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Proactive Fraud Management

Proactive fraud detection for preventing revenue losses

Implement a multi-layered fraud protection strategy

CSPs have seriously started evaluating the criticality of multi-layered fraud prevention approaches especially when their revenue, customer experience, and brand value are at stake. The majority of the technology vendors either provide an active solution or a passive monitoring solution, adding a significant void in an effective fraud management strategy.

Mobileum brings in the multi-layered Fraud Management Solution by integrating its highly matured and Artificial Intelligence-powered FMS solution with the world's most advanced and sophisticated proactive testing (Test Call Generator) solution, enabling CSPs to effectively fight fraud issues. This combined multi-layered FMS will offer proactive testing along with an in-depth analysis of live traffic across BSS/OSS and signaling layers for detecting fraud with the highest accuracy and coverage, ensuring reduction in revenue loss, increased customer experience, and brand value.

Harness the power of TCG combined with advanced analytics tool for addressing the following fraud scenarios

enhanced simbox detection
Enhanced SIM Box Detection
Detect a potential SIM Box number in a single call using the distinct advantage of high-speed test calls, which is critical to identify fraudulent activity in the network. Further leverage the multi-layered analytics solution for increasing accuracy and taking actions in real-time, disrupting the fraudster's business model.
201104 mobileum icon cli refiling detection1
CLI Refiling Detection
Perform high speed and accurate test calls (resulting in undeniable proofs) across different international origins using different technologies (mobile & fixed line, calling cards, carrier, and VoIP routes) to scan and identify any potential issues with your interconnect links.
irsf detection
IRSF Detection
Leverage the combination of advanced analytics solution backed with the world’s best TCG platform and identify within a few minutes, with maximum accuracy, potential fraud scenarios like IRSF, Wangiri, PBX hacking, roaming fraud, and proactively block the reported numbers/destinations.
Fas detection
FAS Detection
Detect post-charging, pre-charging, and false connections, by performing automated test calls leveraging Mobileum’s globally deployed testing platform. Further outpace the intelligent fraudulent carriers by combining the synthetic calls with our advanced analytics solution, enabling you to showcase irrefutable evidence that a supplier was doing fraud.
call stretching detection
Call Stretching Detection
Utilize combined proactive testing and ML/AI powered Fraud Management System and perform automated comparison of test voice calls against the original recording to quickly detect cases of fraud and stop being charged for illegal or stretched call durations.
sms bypass detection
SMS Bypass Detection
Run real SMS tests across different international networks, platforms and aggregators and expose suspicious/fraudulent messages or simply open SMSCs that terminate illegal or unregulated traffic. Enhance your fraud coverage and accuracy with our advanced analytics FMS and increase your SMS revenue by preventing content providers from bypassing SMS termination fees. 

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Over 900 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Increase your SIM Box detection accuracy with analytics powered SIM Box Terminator

As part of our proactive approach, we perform test calls on previously identified suspicious numbers to validate their legality.

Once a pattern has been tested, it is further fed to our Fraud Management Software (FMS) for applying advanced fraud detection analytics.  So, our integrated bypass fraud detection solution includes TCG for performing proactive test calls which are further combined with our data analytics and machine-learning powered FMS to correlate different perspectives of information (e.g. usage, subscriber profile, and services subscribed). This enables us to perform multi-dimensional analytics across subscribers based on their demographic, sociographic, usage pattern, etc. to accurately detect the presence of potential SIM Boxes in your network.

Combined with the TCG outcomes our FMS processes data from the OSS/BSS and signaling nodes within the network in order to quickly identify, locate, and stop SIM Box and other bypass frauds. 
Key enables of our TCG 
  • 30-years of global expertise
  • Patented false positive avoidance mechanism
  • Classic and Stealth mode detection
  • Fastest and most reliable
  • All data accessible 24/7/365
Increase your simbox detection accuracy

Audit the caller ID as a proactive approach to CLI refiling

By employing CLI refiling, fraudsters can remove or change the CLI, thus disguising the origin of the call which impacts termination charges that the operator collects.

Mobileum offers its proactive testing solution for CSPs to deliver high speed, accurate and undeniable proofs of test call across different international origins using different technologies (mobile & fixed line, calling cards, carrier and VoIP routes) to scan and identify any potential CLI Refiling issues with your interconnect links. Our combined solution can perform proactively detection of rouge networks and suppliers and the advanced analytics powered FMS can further correlate signaling interface with real-time CDRs generated on the detected network for validating the actual caller ID. It can also perform real-time validation against allocated and un-allocated number ranges and allow CSPs to take actions for mitigating the impact. 
mobileum audit the caller id

6 benefits of proactive Fraud Management using Test Call Generator

mobileum proactive fraud detection
Proactive fraud detection
Offers proactive fraud detection against known fraud challenges allowing CSPs to take appropriate actions before the attack appears
Mobileum highest fraud hit ratio
Highest fraud hit ratio
Detects thousands of fraudsters in the least possible time with maximum accuracy and false-positive rate less than 0.01%
mobileum quicker roi
Quicker RoI
Offers fast setup with minimal involvement from the CSPs ensuring faster insights and immediate RoI
mobileum increased customer experience
Increased customer experience
Proactively detects fraud issues across national, international, and roaming network thus ensuring the higher customer experience
mobileum 100% accuracy
100% accuracy
Patented False Positive Avoidance mechanism for ensuring 100% accuracy in fraud detection
mobileum worldwide coverage
Worldwide Coverage
Currently offering the largest coverage worldwide and continuously working on enriching it. Our route portfolio includes mobile & fixed networks, roaming coverage, calling cards, carrier routes & VoIP routes

Mobileum Proactive Risk Intelligence Software Portfolio

Discover why the Mobileum platform is the most trusted software by Telecom companies all over the globe to manage their Risk Management activities.

Enhance your Risk Intelligence by adopting other products in our portfolio

mobileum card mobile money
Mobile Money
Designed with control mechanisms to assure a high level of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) monitoring capabilities to reduce the inherent risks of AML.

mobileum card traffic monitoring for regulators
Telecom Wholesale Fraud
Allows carriers to gain comprehensive visibility of their network traffic, allowing them to identify fraudulent attacks and address them quickly with the highest level of accuracy in the market.
mobileum card bypass fraud
Bypass Fraud
Protects CSP businesses from illegal call terminations executed to avoid paying the defined legal charges. Detect and prevent attempted fraud leveraging Mobileum’s extensive library of fraud detection apps focused on telecom services.

Address SMS Bypass fraud through smart profiling and proactive SMS testing

As the A2P SMS market is showing significant growth and profitability, CSPs are trying to ride the wave and generate maximum revenue from this market. But at the same time, such a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream needs to be protected because they are equally attracting the Bypass fraudsters.

With Mobileum’s multi-layered analytics powered fraud detection solution along with the proactive testing solution, CSPs can perform smart profiling and active testing for detecting the presence of potential SMS Bypass fraud in their network. CSPs can run real SMS tests across different international networks, platforms, and aggregators and expose suspicious/fraudulent messages or simply open SMSCs that terminate illegal or unregulated traffic.

One module for following SMS fraud issues 
    • National SMS Bypass
    • International SMS Bypass
  • Open SMSC
Mobileum address sms bypass fraud

Advanced protection against False Answer Supervision (FAS)

Combating FAS can be significantly complicated due to the involvement of multiple carriers in the call path, making it difficult to trace the fraud to its source.

Utilizing Mobileum’s multi-layered approach between proactive testing and advanced analytics powered FMS CSPs can effectively detect and prevent FAS. Proactive testing can help to detect post-charging, pre-charging, and false connections, by performing automated test calls leveraging its globally deployed testing and monitoring platform. These test calls can further be analyzed by our advanced analytics fraud management solution for generating comprehensive evidence that a supplier was doing FAS. 
mobileum advanced protection against fas

Address Inter-carrier call stretching fraud using our hybrid ecosystem

Call Stretching is an inter-carrier fraud type that occurs on international voice services, where a fraudulent carrier or transit provider plays a recording with a fragment of a conversation during the time of the call. As a result, the billed time of the call is longer than the time for which the called party was on the line.

With Mobileum’s combined proactive testing and ML/AI-powered Fraud Management System, CSPs can test these scenarios. Mobileum smart detection performs an automated comparison of the test voice calls against the original recording to quickly detect cases of fraud and stop being charged for illegal calls.
mobileum address inter carrier call stretching fraud

Plan and design tests early, as much as possible in conjunction with a comprehensive fraud management tool

Mobileum’s proactive Fraud Management Solution allows easy detection of fraud in a telecom operator network using its industrial strength Test Call Generator functionality. This solution can be further integrated with Mobileum’s comprehensive analytics-powered RAID Fraud Management solution ensuring complete automation for comprehensive fraud detection and prevention across the telecom network.

The integrated TCG with RAID FMS solution can be automated and scheduled to generate test calls/data/messages. CDRs/logs etc. are generated from these tests, which can be further analyzed, leading to advance self-correcting closed-loop functionality. It leads to a reduction of false positives and significantly improves accuracy.
201104 mobileum plan and design tests early

Leverage our full Managed Services for proactive Fraud Management

All telcos can benefit from a proactive risk management strategy when rolling out new infrastructure. This means defining key risks, weighing their probability and impact on business drivers, and develop your thinking on actions to be taken. Mobileum can support you in this. Our dedicated managed services team can undertake risk assessments that go beyond financial and regulatory risk to consider the wider environment in which you deploy new services. Additionally, our experts can help you put in place effective monitoring and control tools that give you earlier warnings and enables you to respond quickly and effectively.

We can deliver our services in the cloud or on-premise, hosted in Mobileum’s or partner's facilities. And we’ll even work onsite with your staff, so you always have skilled resources on hand.
  • Higher profitability with lower TCO
  • Operational Excellence
  • Compliance
  • Growth Opportunities
mobileum managed services

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