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Proactive Business Assurance

Proactively test risk management scenarios for enhancing the telecom services

Analyze telecom risk scenarios and perform automatic auditing

The practice of deploying automatic auditing and creating metrics to measure performance is one of the most relevant practices for telcos and its stakeholders attempting to get a better RoI. As part of our business assurance software, we provide non-financial metrics such as customer satisfaction, service delivery time, product and service margin analytics, as well as financial metrics like revenue assurance and fraud management indicators for monitoring the overall business performance. As part of our continuous monitoring solution, we complement specific test scenarios for a proactive approach to risk management.

Key areas that we cover through our proactive business assurance :
  • Operators traffic monitoring for regulators
  • Mobile Money ecosystem monitoring and service auditing
  • Proactive fraud management at country and operator level
  • Monitor operators network and control revenue leakages
  • IoT devices continuous monitoring and service auditing
  • 5G network monitoring and service auditing
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Audit network traffic for accurate tax reporting and invoicing 

Auditing and monitoring telecom traffic for accurate taxation and invoicing is very essential for telecom regulatory authorities. It is important and crucial for telecom regulators to have a non-intrusive solution that allows to independently analyze telecom traffic and delivers a comprehensive and confident source of information. Otherwise, regulators will have to rely on biased statements and partial reports from operators which fails to provide relevant data required for accurate taxation and invoicing.

By combining Mobileum’s continuous traffic monitor solution along with traffic simulation capabilities through our proactive testing solution, governments and regulators can ensure that not even a single penny of a taxable minute of communication is left behind. 
  • Traffic Measurement and Billing
  • Regulatory monitoring and control
  • Ensure transparency and accountability
  • Create new policies based on traffic
  • Collaboration between regulators and operators

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Audit operator’s traffic for detecting and countering fraud at country level

The ever-increasing fraud challenges have impacted both telecom operators as well as regulators with billions of dollars in revenue as well as in taxes. At the country level, the problem goes even deeper. If one operator does an excellent job of cleaning its network from fraud, then the fraudsters will simply step up their attacks on the other operators in the country. So, the net effect is that the losses and economic harm still occurs in the country. Regulators in every country are well-positioned to facilitate the collaboration of fraud management activities across operators, define a national strategy as well as audit the operator’s traffic to ensure their programs are effective.

Mobileum is well equipped to support regulators in performing real-time network traffic testing and auditing for analyzing the extent of fraud penetration and its impact at the country level.

We will help with the following insights :
  • Showcase extent of financial and non-financial damages caused due to frauds like Bypass, CLI Refiling, FAS, etc
  • Analyze, detect, and define strategies against fraudsters for minimizing the revenue loss.
  • Recommend steps regulators should take for better management of country-level fraud challenges.
Address potential rating and billing errors

Gain control of mobile money services through active testing and continuous monitoring

As mobile money services gain popularity, the government and agencies need to implement proactive testing and continuous monitoring controls that can strike an appropriate balance between mobile money associated risk challenges, profitability, and optimal customer experience.

Mobileum offers a mobile money business assurance solution that offers multiple functions such as active testing of mobile money ecosystem, for ensuring a high degree of reliability, identification of customers, aimed at preventing subscription fraud (KYC), the supervision of mobile money agents as means of mitigating revenue leakage, continuous monitoring of transactions for anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) and increasingly, by governments for taxation purposes.

Our solutions support the following critical actions through automated auditing mechanisms:
  • Active MoMo testing anytime with one or more devices
  • Availability and performance testing
  • Real-time visibility of all MoMo transactions for regulatory oversight
  • Pre-build controls against anti-money laundering
  • Subscriber KYC checks using a combination of rules, database checks, and machine learning models
  • Real-time insights about the MoMo ecosystem via well-defined dashboards and reports
Address potential rating and billing errors

6 key reasons why regulators should monitor operator traffic

proactive risk coverage
Ensure accurate taxations and service assurance
Access to accurate traffic data is crucial for better service assurance as well as for accurate collections of taxes.
201103 mobileum icon enhance customer experience
Informed decisions for policymaking
Relevant and accurate telecom traffic stats can help government agencies to take better and informed decisions for policymaking.
icon lower tco
Increase partnership between regulators and operators
Independent assessment of telecom traffic ensures there is no interference in the operator’s network performance and QoS ensuring better collaboration between regulators and operators.
201103 mobileum icon reduce revenue loss
Inforce anti-fraud measures through proactive investigations
Complete visibility of all the fraudulent traffic terminating or originating from the network will allow regulators to perform timely investigations and take relevant actions.
Proactive product launch testing
Continuous monitoring for measuring the QoS
Using traffic monitoring regulators can perform periodic tests and analyze the quality of service provided by service providers as per the guidelines laid out for the CSPs.
Validate network and services
Safeguard the interest of subscribers
Accurate metering of the usage of telecom services and minimizing the incidents of billing complaints have always been an important issue for regulators to protect the interest of the subscribers.

Mobileum Proactive Risk Intelligence Software Portfolio

Discover why the Mobileum platform is the most trusted software by Telecom companies all over the globe to manage their Risk Management activities.

Enhance your Risk Intelligence by adopting other products in our portfolio

201103 mobileum card rating and billing validation
Rating and Billing Validation
Enables CSPs to control revenue leakage due to billing and invoicing problems, and efficiently track and correct the underlying errors. 

Card traffic monitoring for regulators
Usage Assurance
End-to-end approach for monitoring and controlling revenue leakage in telecom environments due to the misalignment of Charging Data Records.
Card bypass fraud
Bypass Fraud
Protects CSP business from illegal call terminations executed to avoid paying the defined legal charges. Detect and prevent attempted fraud leveraging Mobileum’s extensive library of fraud detection apps focused on telecom services.

Monitor and control revenue leakages through passive checks and proactive testing

Monitoring revenue is not an easy task. While live subscribers are vulnerable to overcharging by mobile operators, regulators must also ensure that network operator services are not underpriced as this leads to direct revenue loss. The challenge is in knowing which of your mobile network operators is underpricing their services.

Mobileum helps regulators by proactively monitoring operator revenue streams, guarding them against unexpected loss, and putting the control back in regulators' own hands.

Monitor entire IoT value chain for proactive IoT assurance

The demand for the IoT value chain is expanding rapidly with new devices, business models, and technologies. In such an expanding ecosystem, any small malfunction can have adverse and sometimes even disastrous results such as security lapses, physical accidents, and unexpected outcomes impacting the entire IoT value chain. The expectations from this highly dynamic IoT ecosystem are high reliability, best in class performance with superior QoS, and uninterrupted services.

It is therefore critical to do continuous monitoring and perform proactive testing across the entire IoT value chain for assuring accurate provisioning, usage monitoring as well as right rating and billing validations. Mobileum’s continuous traffic monitoring solution along with the highly matured proactive testing solution will enable CSPs to perform continuous traffic monitoring and proactive testing of the entire IoT value chain for guaranteed IoT assurance, meeting the requirements of comprehensive risk management. :
  • Audit and control all IoT risks across the value chain
  • Validate provisioning of IoT devices
  • Monitor provisioning of IoT devices on right APNs for accurate usage and billing
  • Automate application monitoring across the entire IoT value chain
Address potential rating and billing errors

6 Key benefits of proactive business assurance 

proactive risk coverage
Independent network monitoring
Enables regulators to perform non-intrusive and independent, proactive monitoring of billing processes/tariffs across operators.
201103 mobileum icon enhance customer experience
Guaranteed QoS
Ensures proactive testing of network and services across the operator’s network for real-time QoS measurement.
icon lower tco
Increased Customer Experience
Proactively detects fraud and revenue assurance issues across national, international, and roaming networks thus ensuring higher customer experience.
201103 mobileum icon reduce revenue loss
Increased Transparency and Accountability
Ensures streamlining of processes and collaboration across operators, thus increases transparency and accountability throughout the network.
Proactive product launch testing
Improves dispute resolution time
Using proactive testing and validations, regulators can have real-time business insights for investigation and analysis, this ensures rapid dispute resolution related to taxes and customer complaints.
Validate network and services
Reduces customer complaints
Enables regulators to perform pre-launch testing of new tariffs and technologies for ensuring the lowest possible customer complaints.

5G slice service assurance through proactive testing for guaranteed contract-charging accuracy

Network slicing will be a key part of how mobile network operators (MNOs) monetize 5G. Thus, it’s very critical that MNOs proactively safeguard their new revenue streams along with their customer experience that will arise due to various risks and losses post implementing network slicing on 5G.

Working together, Mobileum’s revenue assurance continuous monitoring solution and the proactive testing solution delivers complete business assurance for the virtual network slices. The solution enables operators to quickly and effectively validate network applications and service performance, analyze faults, and proactively detect issues by running scheduled tests on any network slice.

The key capabilities include:
  • Verifies connectivity performance and network accessibility
  • Proactively detect problems with continuous monitoring of QoS and QoE, to continuously confirm SLA and quality standards
  • Validates service performance and provides complete visibility to 5G network slices and associated application performance
Address potential rating and billing errors

Leverage our full Managed Services for proactive Business Assurance

All telcos can benefit from a proactive risk management strategy when rolling out new infrastructure. This means defining key risks, weighing their probability and impact on business drivers, and develop your thinking on actions to be taken. Mobileum can support you in this. Our dedicated managed services team can undertake risk assessments that go beyond financial and regulatory risk to consider the wider environment in which you deploy new services. Additionally, our experts can help you put in place effective monitoring and control tools that give you earlier warnings and enables you to respond quickly and effectively. 

We can deliver our services in the cloud or on-premise, hosted in Mobileum’s or partner's facilities. And we’ll even work onsite with your staff, so you always have skilled resources on hand.
  • Higher profitability with lower TCO
  • Operational Excellence
  • Compliance
  • Growth Opportunities
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