Data Exploration

Self Service Tools to Explore Data

Drill down on data for root cause analysis and make better decisions faster.
Take advantage of a common user interface for all the applications

Take advantage of a common unified interface for all the applications

Mobileum gives you a broad and deep portfolio of purpose-built applications optimized for monitoring, managing, and optimizing telecom processes on top of the Active Intelligence platform.
Active intelligence unified interface for our telecom applications provides a consistent and accessible user experience across the different lines of products that leverage the platform. The apps scale by reflowing the components on the screen. The responsive design adapts to your environment based on screen size, so the more available space that you have, the more information can be displayed.
According to the products licensed, you can access all the system and user dashboards from within the Active Intelligence unified interface. The interactive dashboards and analytical are now available for all types of richer interactive dashboard capabilities. You can track all of the business processes from one single console to help you stay focused on the task at hand in your business process flow. This is especially useful when the stage of the process has complex steps to complete.

Operationalize the business value of data and analytics

 It’s hard to make sense of a world with ever more interdependencies and unintended consequences. A small change in one point leads to a big change on another point, etc. (think of the butterfly effect).
Our combination of data and analytics utilizes container- or microservices-based architecture and data fabric to assemble flexible, modular, reusable, and consumer-friendly data and analytics capabilities on our telecom products. By leveraging a range of telecom applications into assemblies of data, analytics and business best practices building blocks, and leveraging composition technologies such as low- and no-code capabilities, we can better support adaptive and intelligent telecom decision making for a wide range of business analysts.

Operationalize the business value
Powerful Data Discovery

Discover business value stories, not dull IT dashboards

Business users a lot of time struggles to navigate huge volumes of data, complex environments, and the data and organizational silos that make up the modern telecom space. Active Intelligence data catalog overcomes these challenges, making it easy for anyone to find, understand, and trust data — fueling data-driven decision-making and increasing the impact of analytics on the business.

Drill down on data for root cause analysis. Combine data sources, add filters and drill down into individual events with just a few clicks. Look at the big picture for insights through visual data analysis and take advantage of Active Intelligence’s built-in data discovery capabilities to find issues before they happen and reduce financial losses.

One platform that cut the data silos between all telecom applications and insights

Digital business depends on a flexible application portfolio that enables delightful digital experiences, that support new ways of doing business, and that makes the most of new technologies.
Create And Reuse Visual Queries

Create and reuse visual queries to combine multiple views of data to get richer insight

Active Intelligence’s built-in data blueprints designer empowers you to easily set and manage your own complex portfolio of analysis, in a multi-step visual approach, starting from individual data sources.
Integrated investigation workbench enables ad-hoc analysis to be applied to these rich and connected data sets for obtaining deep insights that help you to act timely upon platform alerts and alarms. Our formulation treats query results as random variables in order to leverage the many opportunities for result reuse inherent in interactive data exploration. As part of our approach, we apply a variety of optimization techniques based on probability theory, including new query rewrite rules and index structures.

Empower your case management with contextual analytics

Active Intelligence’s adaptive workflows enable you to automatically associate pre-defined data analysis with specific issue types in order to optimize the support information attached to each issue investigation.
While the overall data and analytics strategy identifies the top business priorities and defines the desired business outcome, the data available on case management outcomes can also bring valuable insights. At the heart of Active Intelligence’s case management, there is an overwhelming task of trying to put all of the information included in a case to work by making a decision or an informed action.
With that in mind, we have tightened the case management feature, with a new world of business value, opened up by the contextual search, investigative analytics, predictive analytics, and more.
This is particularly powerful when you need to do deep contextual analysis for issue investigation or to have the capability to easily explain complex investigations.
Empower your case management

Learn how Active Intelligence's ‘data lake’ can turn into an ocean of telecom intelligence and actions

Schedule a meeting with us and see what Active Intelligence can do for your business.

Access data from diverse data sources with autonomy, agility, and flexibility with self-service analytics

Business users a lot of time struggle to navigate huge volumes of data, complex environments, and the data and organizational silos that make up the modern telecom space. Active Intelligence data catalog overcomes these challenges, making it easy for anyone to find, understand, and trust data — fueling data-driven decision-making and increasing the impact of analytics on the business.

Gain direct access to business validation concepts and associated data with Active Intelligence’s industry-specific data model and self-service analytics tools.
Easily understand complex relationships between tables, including calculations and hierarchies, to augment data analysis and empower you.
Simply select the information you want to analyze and our data model will build the required queries for you, allowing you to preview and fine-tune the analysis along with the process.
Self Service Analytics

How KT Is Leveraging Active Intelligence's AI For Telecom Fraud Detection

KT Corporation is Korea’s largest telecommunications service provider.
The company is leading the era of innovations in the world’s most connected country. The company leads the 4th industrial revolution with high-speed wire/wireless networks and innovative ICT technology. After installing 20 million fixed lines in just 12 years, KT was the first telecom provider to introduce 5G broad-scale trial service in 2018.
Boost AI To Leverage Your Risk Management strategy

Boost AI to leverage your risk business strategy

Artificial Intelligence is one of the key drivers transforming risk management in the telecommunications industry. By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your risk management strategy, Active Intelligence allows you to save time, boost revenue, identify risks and fraud, and add value to your customers.
Knowable unknowns can be addressed using trained models that are able to make accurate predictions on non-training data. Active Intelligence Machine Learning Workbench allows you to include unknowable known as part of risk management addressable strategy, for a future proof strategy. 
Apply Link Analysis

Apply Link Analysis to rapidly piece together disparate data into a single cohesive intelligence picture

Explore and identify key people, events, suspicious connections, and patterns that might otherwise be missed across big transactional data in order to understand the structure, hierarchy, and method of operation of criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent networks.

Active Intelligence link analysis software leverages the platform data repository where all of your data is organized not as a collection of applications or silos, but pre-connected in an intuitive model to create visualizations immediately. Using the product APIs or 3rd party APIs, you can also easily reach out from a link chart to external data sources to connect social media data, public records services, and more, all pre-connected and at your fingertips.

Access a prebuilt catalog of telecom products on top of Active Intelligence low-code platform

Risk Management
Risk Management and Continous Control Monitoring
Automate risk management processes through continuous control monitoring on telecom processes that improve profits, revenues, and cash flows without influencing demand. Access a prebuilt catalog of high-impact revenue assurance risks on telecom processes, and improve your risk-based approach by applying continuous control monitoring on top of data. Empower risk-based decisions across the telecom value chain with a unified data environment and analytics derived by the Active Intelligence platform.
Roaming, Network, and Security
Roaming, Network, and Security
Our comprehensive portfolio of Roaming, Network, and Security products provide the deepness and coverage to support communication service providers with the most robust and high-performing network solutions. Our products integrate data insights with our expert knowledge to offer service providers the backup they need. Our products help our customers to improve network services by simplifying their operations, responding quickly to fast-changing demand, secure their operations, and get the most from their resources to ensure maximum service performance and reliability.
Automated Testing and Monitoring
Automated Testing and Monitoring
Automate and run your tests earlier and more frequently to discover errors sooner. Create realistic workloads, track SLAs, and analyze the root cause of any issue. Test network and services at various stages of telecommunications product development life-cycle. Furthermore, automation enables stress-free network maintenance as most repetitive and time-consuming tasks are taken care of by specialized engines blending Rule Base, Closed Loop, and ML operations. Add testing automation that acts as the foundation pillar to manage the E2E user experience.
Access a data catalog

Access a data catalog that map product capabilities to the components of the data fabric

As part of our data lake approach, we incorporate metadata storage to enable business users to search, locate and learn about the datasets that are available and valuable for business insights.
Active Intelligence data catalog lets you instantly run your ETL, ad hoc analytics, and machine learning or data science jobs. For real-time data, there is no alternative but to automate and augment data management processes. This includes the automatic discovery of data entities, data lineage, classification, and quality. All applications of Mobileum’s portfolio leverage the power of Active Intelligence, making it quick and easy to connect to virtually any data source and make that data more valuable for teams and telcos to make the most of their data. With business-ready products to support the telecom industry, prebuilt data connectors, plus our collaboration with leading cloud providers, we continue to innovate how telcos are leveraging the data transformation.
Assure fast data access for different users and profiles

Assure fast data access for different users and profiles

You should not have to ask IT departments to access the insights your company needs. Active Intelligence connects natively to hundreds of data sources, so your organization can pull together all the data it needs to make informed decisions. Business people still struggle to know which insights to act on, because, even with modern analytics and business intelligence platforms, insights are not contextualized, easily consumable, or actionable by the majority of users. Active Intelligence allows you to find relationships in combinations of diverse data, using graph techniques at scale, acting as a form of foundation for the telecom modern data and analytics. This applies to knowledge graphs, data pipelines, explainable AI, analytics on all types of content (X analytics), and to provide a richer context for ML and AI.