Mobileum Launches URL Scanner that Outsmarts SMS Fraudsters

Mobileum Launches URL Scanner that Outsmarts SMS Fraudsters

Mobileum Launches URL Scanner that Outsmarts SMS Fraudsters

New innovative screening solution helps Communication Service Providers filter out malicious URLs from SMS messages

CUPERTINO, CA – 30 January 2024 – Mobileum Inc. (“Mobileum”), a leading global provider of analytics and network solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of a new URL Scanner solution to its Network Security portfolio. This enhancement boosts the effectiveness of Communications Service Providers’ (“CSPs”) SMS firewalls in blocking fraudulent URLs. Mobileum’s URL Scanner identifies and scores the reputation of URLs found in SMS messages in real-time, allowing CSPs to implement advanced filtering mechanisms to mitigate SMS Phishing (“smishing”) risks.

Globally, smishing attacks targeting both consumers and businesses have significantly increased, with a notable surge of more than 47% in 2022 compared to the previous year[1]. Smishing is a cybersecurity attack where fraudsters send a mobile text message to an unsuspecting victim to deceive them into clicking on a malicious link. These links either lead to malware, which gets installed on the mobile device, or sends the victim to a fictitious website which allows the fraudster to collect personal and sensitive user information. While SMS firewalls are essential for combatting fraud, as bad actors evolve their techniques, it is important to implement additional measures, such as Mobileum’s URL Scanner, to detect vulnerabilities.

“Some SMS firewalls can compare URLs found in SMS messages against known blocked domain lists, but these lists suffer from latency and completeness challenges, and as we have seen, there are countless  avenues fraudsters can take to perform smishing attacks and distribute malware. Mobileum’s innovative URL Scanner overcomes these challenges by stopping, in real-time, the malicious URLs that bypass SMS firewalls, protecting operators and consumers,” stated Miguel Carames, Chief Product Officer at Mobileum.

Key benefits of Mobileum’s URL Scanner include:

  • Proactive protection against zero-day attacks
  • Simple API-based interface, seamlessly integrated with operator’s SMS firewall
  • Pre-integration with Mobileum’s SMS Firewall, but also compatible with other firewalls
  • List of artifacts for further validation by security analysts
  • Ability to ensure the overall score reflects the main scenarios applicable to their specific market
  • Backed by Mobileum’s market leading expertise in network security solutions.
  • Available as a cloud hosted solution for easy deployment and maintenance
  • World class support that rapidly deploys new capabilities to stay ahead of bad actors

To learn more about  Mobileum’s URL Scanner and its other Network Security solutions, visit Mobileum at Mobile World Congress in Hall 2, Booth 2J50. For more information about Mobileum’s presence at Mobile World Congress or to book a meeting, visit




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