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Mobileum Managed Services

Expert Managed Services to boost your business performance

Mobileum Range of Domains

Mobileum’s Managed Services offer combines the company’s product and services portfolio with pre-integrated and carefully selected third-party components. Our current telecom offerings for managed services can be broken into the following main groups:

  • Telecom software products
  • Professional services for software deployment
  • Risk management consulting services for solution and process design
  • Security services to address the volatile nature of security threats
  • Data Science services to bring the insights from data

Components of Mobileum's Managed Services

Leveraging all of these competencies allows our managed services experts to provide our telecom customers with the option to outsource specific business operations.
Mobileum Managed Services can then assume responsibility for the functionality of any particular service with a service-level agreement that defines which services will be provided and how successful delivery will be measured.

More than a cost reduction exercise

Learn more about how Mobileum can better organize, operate, and safeguard your business.
Cut Your Resource Gap
If you lack the resources needed to deploy, manage or evolve your applications, we can provide the expertise you need. You can choose whether you want us to help solve specific issues or fully manage your application for you
Build A Strategic Roadmap
Our goal is the same as yours — to maximize the returns on your tool investment while minimizing support costs. We work with you to deliver value by applying our expertise in managing people and processes.
Grow And Scale Quickly
Minor enhancements to your telecom applications can often make a big difference in your department’s productivity. We look for these and other cost-effective ways to optimize your solution. And we support it 24x7x365.

Our Range Of Managed Services

Revenue Assurance
Combining the most adopted Revenue Assurance software in the world with our expertise in revenue assurance processes, we create value and business differentiation by taking a holistic view of the causes of your revenue leakage.
Fraud Management
Mobileum offers a complete suite of sophisticated fraud management and dedicated expertise to help you manage and optimize your telecom fraud prevention practices.
Collections Management
With our proven expertise in telecom collections management processes, backed by our RAID Collections software, Mobileum’s managed services can deliver end-to-end credit management services to improve your’ cash flow.
Incentives Management
RAID Incentives is a best-of-breed system which when leveraged with Mobileum’ rich experience in working with various telecom operators around the world, can help you manage the tactical and operational aspects of an incentive management program implementation.
Roaming Management
Our roaming portfolio, combined with our managed services expertise, delivers optimized cash flow, reduced revenue leakage and accelerated financial clearing & settlement for your roaming business.
Telecom Security
Our security portfolio, combined with our managed services expertise, brings security management capabilities powered by automation and intelligence and our managed services can provide a fully secure operations offering end to end.

Managed Infrastructure

Maximizing your ROI can be challenging, especially if you lack the infrastructure and expertise required for your business to successfully implement and manage the application in-house. We offer a variety of hosting options for Mobileum’s applications, so you can choose the solution that meets your business requirements with a scalable infrastructure:
  • Fully managed dedicated servers (in our data center)
  • Single-tenant private cloud (in your own data center, or a service provider’s)
  • Dedicated servers connected to private or public clouds (hybrid cloud)

Mobileum Managed Services

The breadth of our management services enables us to act from the implementation of customized operational models to full project execution – planning, implementation, control, and improvement.

Managed Applications

Our expertise extends beyond simple technical support for the business applications that Mobileum provides. Leverage our business expertise to manage — and get ongoing support for — improving your ability to compete in a rapidly changing telecom world.
We support you by:
  • Offering best practice guidance
  • Implementing and supporting features and functionality
  • Answering questions, troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Adhering to stringent, industry-leading SLAs

Our managed services for the telecom sector include functional support for business processes, customization, and consulting

DevOps Assessment And Roadmap Revision

Our main objective is to find the right solution for you. We want to assess and protect your businesses, grow your revenues, and optimize your processes. Through a recurring business analysis of existing and future opportunities, our consultancy team develops a roadmap for improving and optimizing your current managed processes.
Adopting a DevOps approach as part of our managed services allows elements of the roadmap project to be selected for revision and improved to deliver business value with increased speed, while continuously meeting your expectations.

Why Choose Mobileum Telecom Managed Services?

Best-In-Class Tools
We develop best-in-class software solutions so you don’t have to. We work with consumers worldwide to ensure that they have the best available tools for their use cases. When you adopt our managed service, you receive the best in class software, the best-trained resource, and the quickest response time support.
Access To Talent
When a business has limited resources, it limits the time and attention of every manager. Our services include workload distribution and allow the reuse of resources. Your existing resources will be free to focus on your core business.
Reduced Risk And Improved ROI
Regulations, technologies, markets, and financial conditions all change at a rapid pace. When you utilize our managed services, we manage these risks for you. Our industry knowledge and know-how ensure quick new process revisions can be implemented into your business.

Mobileum Consulting Services

Digital disruption is redefining the customer experience, bringing both complexities and opportunities to the telecoms industry. Analytics can provide CSPs with the ability to understand these trends and the resources to capitalize on the opportunities they present. Through the combination of our risk management consulting services for the telecommunications industry and our substantial analytics capabilities, we can help our customers to uncover new ways to drive innovation and results.

See how Mobileum can help protect & grow your business

Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Top-notch Implementation Services

Mobileum professional services support telecom operators in delivering an efficient environment for the finest customer service delivery through market-leading risk management and business management systems integration expertise.
Our products and deployment services expertise address the most common challenges faced by operators today, including going from network evolution toward all-IP, cost and operational efficiency demands on new service releases, and assuring new opportunities for business growth. Mobileum has a broad portfolio of risk management and business management solutions and the skills required to meet the challenges of technology and business transformation.

Elastic Human Capacity

Telecom applications are essential to your business. However, they can be time-consuming and expensive to maintain, modify and customize to the functionality needed to support your business processes. Your configuration may also require integration with other systems.
Whether you’re using a risk management software or a business management system to streamline your telecom operations or make better data-driven decisions, we can give you confidence that any development work being done to optimize them is done professionally. We have the expertise you need. Mobileum’s Managed Services is supported by an integrated approach to software, hardware, and skilled people.

Harness The Full Power Of Active Intelligence With A Team Of Data Scientists

Mobileum Active Intelligence platform provides a game-changing repository of information for data scientists. It allows data miners and business analysts to leverage all telecom data while still achieving high performance throughout the entire modeling cycle - from data prep through exploratory data analysis through to model scoring and deployment.
Extend your data integration from existing OSS/BSS data, big data, IoT systems, and new enterprise applications & databases swiftly and aggregate them. Leverage the artificial intelligence capabilities and machine-learning algorithms for better and predictive revenue assurance and fraud management.