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6 key capabilities of Mobileum’s 
Lab & Performance Testing

Application and interfaces
Applications and Interfaces
Supported applications and interfaces can be mixed to create different testing scenarios with emulated and real network nodes. 
User friendly scripting
Interactive subscriber database
Monitor, modify, trigger any subscriber in the DB, change subscriber policies, APN, events.
Scalable solution for Core Network Testing
Scalable and build
for performance
Supports hundreds of millions of simulated subscribers. Supports up to one million simulated gNBs within a single instance. 
continuous monitoring
Log subscriber actions continuously or only on error and capture real-time events. 
fully automated
Lab Core Network test interfaces can be fully automated, e.g with SITE Automation Framework, using REST or XML APIs or CLI.
high performance
High-Performance Packet capture
Capture all incoming and outgoing packets at rates exceeding 200,000 packets per second.

Leveraging other products in our Portfolio

5G Performance Testing
5G was specifically designed to meet IoT needs, whereas 2G, 3G, and 4G were never developed with IoT in mind. It brings two key attributes which neither NB-IoT nor LTE can deliver; they are: low latency and ultra-reliability. Know more about our 5G testing solutions and how they support IoT environments.
Smartphone Experience
For the ongoing monitoring of communication service providers (CSP) customer's experience and continued end-to-end testing of your 5G services, Mobileum test automation supports flagship 5G smartphone performance when it comes to measuring, monitoring, and benchmarking network services and APP performance using 5G enabled devices. 
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Automation Framework
AF offers a set of tools that enable operators to automate manual testing and monitoring processes at all stages of the network lifecycle, from design to deployment and operations. It includes the capability to run variants of existing test cases (5G, IoT, voice, data, messaging, etc.) and offers keyword-driven scripting on top of a group of testing building blocks.

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