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Retail Business Advisor

Eliminate connectivity barriers by offering compelling and affordable roaming services

Maximize retail roaming profitability

Retail Business Advisor (RBA), together with Wholesale Business Advisor (WBA) are part of Mobileum’s Roaming Business Advisor portfolio. Retail Business Advisor focuses on enabling connectivity to roaming subscribers by delivering compelling offers that allow them to use cellular data at affordable prices.
The wholesale module, Wholesale Business Advisor, is more focused on how operators can maximize partnerships to get the get best roaming services at the best prices and margins. Working together, operators use the two modules to optimize their customer and supplier roaming business. Utilizing powerful analytics and action tools, roaming teams employ the two products to create a strategy and operating model that conceives data-driven business opportunities and orchestrates roaming actions.

Unlock hidden revenues from silent roamers

In a society where people are always on the go, a new legion of hyper-connected consumers are almost always in-transit, roaming from network to network. Roaming retail rates were once set by adding a cap on top of the TAP charged by a roaming partner. This approach is no longer viable today due to complexities arising from the number of retail tariffs that make rates unclear and unpredictable to the end-users.

As the percentage of subscribers who are disconnected when roaming can go as high as 80%, there is a tremendous missed opportunity for operators to grow revenues that can be addressed explicitly by deploying Mobileum’s Retail Roaming Business Advisor (RBA).

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6 Key Benefits of Mobileum’s Retail Roaming Business Advisor

Reduce Silent Roamers
Monitor the profitability of roamer segments. Encourage silent roamer usage by getting accurate, silent roamer profiles for the development of targeted campaigns.
Detect and Monetize Permanent Roamers
Ability to detect permanent in- and out-roamers, using this insight to filter in-roamers or offer more value-added offers to out roamers to improve roaming profitability.
Create and Track Behavior of a Subscriber Segment
A rule builder helps operators create a micro-segment of interest and track behavior and performance of that segment over a designated period.
Measure and Increase Roaming Profitability
Improve margins by re-structuring packs only for profitable countries and re-negotiate wholesale deals, while also withdrawing non-profitable packs.
Unified Dashboard
Monitor roaming business from a single dashboard, while making sense of data and simplifying collaboration amongst management, marketing, and sales teams.
Monetize Roaming Insights
Leverage self-service enablement on promoted offers and monitor campaign status from a single interface. Take advantage of real-time campaign acceptance to redesign bundles.

Take silent roamers off mute

Mobileum’s Retail Business Advisor (RBA) is a comprehensive roaming solution based on data analytics and powered by machine learning. Designed to identify segments of customers who are silent roamers, RBA can propose the most appropriate plans and campaigns in real-time to encourage low-usage customers to roam.

Outbound roamers can be classified into groups, such as those with data roaming turned off or those that are only sending text. These subscriber lists can then be uploaded to campaign management systems to stimulate usage via appropriate text or email offers.

Mobileum's Roaming Management Software

Whether you’re focused on driving efficiencies in our current roaming business, or looking to leverage new business models, Mobileum’s roaming solutions can redefine how your roaming business can compete in a digital world.

Predict customer roaming travel to proactively serve them

Roaming teams can anticipate roaming travel with Mobileum’s predictive models that provide accurate forecasting of roaming customers with a clear graphical representation of results and expected trip duration.

Based on analytical insights, MNOs can proactively serve their roaming customer base with the most suitable plans, taking into account wholesale costs and travel predictions. By using analytics to detect customer context, even before the subscriber travels, operators can proactively offer targeted bundles tailored to the roaming individual’s sales history and usage.

Recommend relevant packs to gain new revenue streams

For international travelers, staying connected has become a priority for checking emails, making calls, or even utilizing “survival apps” such as Google Maps when traveling abroad.

Since travelers can choose from many different connectivity options - Wi-Fi, local SIM cards, or roaming — the competition is high. Mobileum’s Roaming Business Advisor enables MNOs to detect, identify, and segment roaming users in real-time (i.e., silent roamers, permanent roamers). With these insights, operators can proactively monetize their roaming status by offering the most suitable packs or bundles that contribute to new revenue streams.

If the operator does not yet provide the most suitable pack, recommendations are made by the system to help design the most appropriate offering.

Mobileum Network Services Portfolio

Discover why the Mobileum product portfolio is changing the roaming landscape worldwide.

Our roaming solutions, built on machine learning, offer the best technology to enable fast innovation.

Wholesale Business Advisor
Automate the end-to-end management of the wholesale business. Ensures operators can negotiate roaming agreements while accelerating the go-to-market strategy.
Steering of Roaming
Steering of roaming, or “preferred roaming” allows operators to decide which partner their subscribers will use while roaming.
Monitor and control network use in real-time to boost roaming revenues. Support the creation and enforcement of a wide range of roaming service packs, across voice, SMS, and data services.

Recommend and track campaigns

Mobileum’s campaign recommendation feature helps operators design the most suitable campaign to increase roaming uptake. Adjust marketing initiatives to roamers’ needs, create target groups aligned with each campaign from the beginning, automate the process of creating target groups and importing existing groups, and send and track customized offers.

The module also helps monitor the uptake performance of campaigns. Additionally, the module integrates with all your legacy systems and fulfillment processes, creating one workflow for delivery and offer acceptance.

Accelerate VoLTE roaming

A guide to accelerate interoperability, by making interconnection, peering and roaming easier.

Roaming Business Advisor Analytics
The tight integration between these 3 components allows CSPs to move quickly on actionable retail roaming insights

Roamer Analytics
Conduct micro and macro customer segmentation based on subscriber usage profiles, trends, and demographics. Encourage low consumption customers to use more mobile services by identifying clusters of mobile customers and designing suitable roaming policies.
Retail Analytics
Provides intuitive insights into the Roaming Business and across various KPIs, such as revenue, cost, margin, travel trends, subscriber personas, packs analysis, pack recommendations, and campaign uptake analysis with a wide range of input data to create a holistic view of roaming.
Travel Prediction
Predict likely travel destinations, trip durations, and expected roaming usage. Based on this information, MNOs can recommend the best offer for each customer type and increase roaming revenues.