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Roaming Replicator

Leverage existing roaming agreements to extend your roaming coverage quickly and cost-effectively

A solution for Hub partners to leverage their roaming relations and wholesale rates

A Multi-IMSI service that allows a (Home) Mobile Network to instantly extend its roaming service footprint by seamlessly activating the appropriate IMSI (Provided by Roaming Hub) for their international outbound travelers while roaming.

Getting sufficient agreements in place and implementing all core services (Voice, SMS, Packet Switch Data, CAMEL, NRTDRE, 3G and LTE) on your own would be a timely process.
The Roaming Hub helps the new operator to prioritize its roaming relationship-building process with other established operators and reduce the time to launch roaming services and the cost of maintaining the roaming relationships on an ongoing basis.
Leverage roaming relations and wholesale rates

Increase your roaming footprint in a cost-effective manner using Multi-IMSI

With Multi-IMSI (Multiple International Mobile Subscriber Identity) technology, you can provide cheaper services to your subscribers, according to your business model.

Mobileum’s Roaming Replicator (RR) is a Multi-IMSI service that allows Home Public Mobile Network (HPMN) to reduce its wholesale cost by seamlessly activating the most cost-effective IMSI provided by a sponsor network for their international outbound travelers while roaming.

Roaming Replicator also enables a new MNO/MVNO to increase its roaming footprint instantly by seamlessly piggybacking on a Sponsor network. Multi-IMSI technology allows a user to switch between several identities on the SIM using a single card and works with in-roamers own IMSI.
Increase roaming footprint

Mobileum Network Services Portfolio

Discover why the Mobileum product portfolio is changing the roaming landscape worldwide.

Enable your VoLTE support by piggybacking

With many operators sunsetting their 2G and 3G networks, VoLTE roaming is more and more in demand.

As many operators do not have VoLTE roaming agreements in place, Mobileum’s Roaming Replicator is the solution, using the Hub’s VoLTE agreements to provide a seamless experience to the outbound-roamer. The solution can also enable VoLTE roaming for HPMNs without VoLTE launched domestically.
VoLTE support piggybacking

Increase roaming footprint with eSIM support 

For eSIM subscription services, operators can provide instant network access via an embedded SIM card in certain device types.

When linking this subscription service with the product Multi-IMSI-Roaming capabilities, operators can provide direct sponsored roaming services from their sponsored roaming partners to their eSIM subscribers. The IMSIs of the sponsored roaming partners can be sold as temporary roaming subscriptions to subscribers looking for a sponsored roaming profile for a particular country/region.

Upon arrival in the home network, the subscriber can simply stop the temporary sponsored roaming subscription again, making the sponsored roaming IMSI free for any other subscriber that need (temporary) roaming services for the associated country/region.
eSIM support

The advantages for an MNO or IPX of becoming a roaming hub

Mobileum’s Roaming Replicator offers to the roaming hub the possibility to create an additional revenue stream from its roaming agreements.

The market opportunity to share the agreements in place, leveraging the network effects while creating a new negotiation power for roaming agreement fees between partners. Hub Operators will see the benefits of the solution like -
  • Getting new subscribers with minimum investment and hence additional revenue;
  • Roaming Replicator service that can be used for Hub’s subscriber as well as getting an IMSI from another Hub operator;
  • Hub operators can now negotiate even better wholesale rates with their roaming partner due to additional subscribers and usage that such new subscribers bring in.

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Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Advanced reporting tools that address the network interface requirements

The Roaming Replicator system can generate predefined reports that can help several departments inside a mobile operator to monitor the system and analyze important statistics from the network regarding the roamer traffic.

Among several reports provided by Roaming Replicator, we can name the possibility to analyze the top out-roamer destinations, top in-roamer sources, detailed reports on successful and unsuccessful messages in several operations like MO (Mobile Originated), MT (Mobile Terminated calls or SMS. With more than 20 years of experience operating roaming interoperability services, we can help you navigate the rising complexities of 4G roaming and beyond.
Advanced reporting tools

6 reasons why a new operator should use Mobileum’s roaming replicator

Lucrative roaming revenues
HPMN get access to lucrative roaming revenues at launch
Roaming business is reachable and can starts to be profitable without the necessary time and money to put in place all the necessary roaming agreements.
Service parity
Service parity with incumbent competing mobile operators
Be in the roaming game, as fast as possible to match your competitors commercial offer.
Flexible solution
Flexible solution
The solution can co-exisit with Bi-lateral roaming agreements with flexibility to enable/disable a specific visited network or country. .
Wide Applicability
Wide Applicability
Roaming Replicator can be used for every type of traffic and supports SS7, Diameter, GTP, CAMEL LTE and VoLTE.
>Reduces subscriber churn
Reduces subscriber churn
This fast-to-marker solution will provide confidence to the subscribers that are able to use their communications in roaming without service interruption, increasing brand value, and customer satisfaction.
Flexible architecture
Flexible architecture to integrate with other roaming VAS
Flexible architecture to integrate with other Roaming VAS like Steering of Roaming, Welcome SMS, Policy control etc.

Multi IMSI capability made easy, with Moblieum’s Dynamic IMSI Management

Roaming Replicator’s dynamic IMSI management provides an efficient IMSI pool management, with optimized IMSI utilization and provisioning functions allowing the definition of Multiple IMSI pools in systems.

This way Mobileum’s Roaming Replicator will save you time and an error-free provisioning system, when compared to the traditional way of configuring Host IMSI on client subscribers SIM cards was by statically provisioning the IMSIs onto the Client subscribers SIM. Roaming Replicator can initiate this Dynamic IMSI allocations procedure based on the following triggers:
  • Registration Probing locally or remotely deployed;
  • API trigger through the HTTP/XML API provided.
Dynamic IMSI Management

Advanced mechanisms to guarantee domestic connectivity

Many MNOs face the business challenge of not having full domestic radio coverage. Depending on the scenario, this can bring a huge impact for some group of subscribers. Roaming Replicator has by default built-in advanced mechanisms to address this challenge, by enabling subscriber devices to latch onto the competitor’s RAN. This way it not only allows getting the best network coverage but as well as it improves customer experience.

When an MNO radio coverage is not available, Roaming Replicator will make use of its mechanisms to swap the IMSI to an international IMSI, allowing the subscriber to latch onto competitors' coverage. This solves challenges to the MNO like:
  • Inexistent or expensive national roaming;
  • Loss of service where an MNO is lacking coverage;
  • Reduces the impact of IoT devices losing critical connectivity;
  • Assure domestic connectivity to VIP subscribers.
Advanced mechanisms