eSIM Testing

Consumer eSIM Testing

Validate eSIM provisioning and activation.
Test services and use cases anywhere using Mobileum's global footprint.

Simplified, flexible, and accurate eSIM Testing

Embedded SIM (eSIM) technology is transforming the telecommunications industry by streamlining the connectivity process, allowing users to choose between multiple profiles based on user preferences, network conditions, or cost structure.

Consumer eSIM testing is crucial to guarantee user satisfaction by ensuring seamless connectivity, reliable performance, hassle-free activation and switching between network profiles. Mobileum’s eSIM testing is innovative and unique:
  • Location-independent​, no smartphones required
  • Innovative eSIM Multiplexing Technology
  • Supports domestic and roaming test scenarios and use cases
  • Worldwide end-to-end, automated, and active testing footprint covering 98% of the globe

Innovative eSIM Multiplexing technology

While existing eSIM testing methods require the use of smartphones which restricts the location where the eSIM can be used for testing, Mobileum uses its innovative eSIM Multiplexing technology that supports centralized eUICC and profile management with seamless switching between profiles regardless of the location where testing is performed.

The eSIMMUX serves as a library of eSIM profiles, which testers can access and use in any chosen location to validate various national and international mobile services using Mobileum’s comprehensive E2E active testing platforms, SITE and GlobalRoamer®.
eSIM testing with eSIMMUX

Integrated Local Profile Assistant

A Local Profile Assistant (LPA) is embedded within Mobileum's active testing solutions to execute standard GSMA SGP.22 profile management operations, such as profile downloads. More significantly, the LPA allows users to conduct service tests using the downloaded profile, not only at the location where the profile was downloaded but also at any accessible location within the system.

The solution enables the configuration of parameters for the LPA, specifying the eSIM activation code and the location for profile download. It verifies the availability and performance of the eSIM provisioning service using key KPIs such as SM-DP+ availability, profile download duration, and trace data.
Local profile assistant for eSIM Testing

Verirify eSIM experience on smartphones

An alternative method to test eSIM provisioning and activation is Mobileum's Smartphone Experience (SX), which allows eSIM Testing directly on iOS and Android smartphones. It allows users to intuitively create interactive scripts, perform ad-hoc testing with various eSIM profiles, and test eSIM supplier behavior, e.g., app features, and welcome messages​. The generated KPIs and insights are displayed on a user-friendly reporting tool with customizable dashboards. The key features:
  • eSIM profile management
  • Voice, video and messaging testing
  • PCAP analysis
  • Native and OTT services testing
  • App testing for in-vehicle services, banking, shopping, healthcare, mobile money, gaming, logistics, entertainment, etc.
smartphone-based testing for quality of experience

6 key benefits of Mobileum’s
Consumer eSIM Testing

eSIM multiplexing technology
eSIM Multiplexing Technology
Supports eUICC and profile management with seamless switching between profiles.
eSIM testing anywhere
Test profiles
After downloading the profile, the eSIMMUX allows testing at any chosen location.
user-friendly eSIM Testing
Simple, user-friendly process
Automated workflow initiated by an activation code. Stored eSIM profiles can be used for various domestic and roaming use cases.
Automated and periodic testing and monitoring
Automated and periodic testing and monitoring
Detect problems earlier, pinpoint failures precisely, and reduce problem-solving time.
eSIM testing with Local profile assistant
Local Profile Assistant
LPA is integrated into our active testing to perform standard GSMA SGP.22 profile management operations.
Benchmarking for SLA verification
Benchmarking for informed action
Independent verification of mobile operator compliance with SLAs.

Leveraging other products in our Portfolio

eSIM Macroscope provides quality testing for voice, messaging, data, emergency services, IoT Telemetry, eSIM remote provisioning flows, roaming workflows, and business application availability. It delivers vital information on network performance, trends, and throughput, and proactively monitors service degradations - across network providers and across the world - for any IoT, enterprise, or consumer device.
201124 mobileum card emergency services ecall testing
Emergency Services and eCall testing
Mobileum’s Emergency Services Testing is an end-to-end active testing solution that monitors and troubleshoots emergency services and platforms 24/7. It is a US- and EU-patented solution that covers standard numbers, enhanced numbers and eCall, and allows operators to ensure availability, location information transfer, and performance monitoring, while optimizing testing efforts.
201124 mobileum card signaling firewall
Global IoT
Connectivity Testing
The IoT Testing Suite offers the necessary measurement setups to ensure IoT applications are up-to-date with the required quality and performance across various IoT market segments, encompassing four common components: connectivity testing, IoT application platform testing, power-saving features testing, and specific vertical industry testing. Global IoT Connectivity Testing helps car manufacturers optimize service performance, enhance customer experience, and ensure network and regulatory compliance.