Core Network Testing

Mobileum's Core Network testing unique solution 

Mobileum’s SITE platform is a unique active end-to-end (E2E) 5G platform for Lab Testing and Service Quality.

Our solution offers now the possibility to test Core Network, a must for any MNO to ensure performance and keep up with the fast pace of service and software rollouts in 5G:
  • Accelerates software releases and regression tests
  • Can be used across all stages of the network life-cyle
  • Improves customer experience and reduces troubleshooting time
  • Can be used in combination with Smartphone or Radio probes for segmented testing
  • Facilitates complex 5G Core Network tests
  • Selected interfaces can be used with SIM-multiplexing
Automation Framework Mobileum

Performance, costs, and resources optimization with 5G Core Network testing and automation

As the Telco world is racing to expand 5G services while managing tight budgets and resources, it becomes critical to replace the traditional testing methods with a fully automated Core Network testing process with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / Continuous Testing (CI/CD/CT).  

Mobileum's 5G Core Network testing platform is helping operators around the world to improve the customer experience while considerably reducing the costs related to 5G performance and quality validation.
Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment

Next-Generation Core Network testing with SITE

SITE supports continuous testing as part of the CI/CD/CT Pipeline. Tier 1 operators around the globe use SITE to verify new software builds for their 5G stand-alone core and services.

Supporting operators from design and pre-launch testing in the lab to launch and operations in the live network, our solution offers complementary testing methods: 
  • SITE Core Network testing for service assurance
  • SITE Core Network testing for lab environment
  • Seamless verification of new builds in both lab and production networks over radio and core with state of the art RESTful API
  • Thousands of test cases for compliance, capacity, performance, and service assurance testing from a single platform
  • Automation with keyword-based scripting and customizable reports and dashboards
  • Vendor agnostic validation
  • Ongoing test case updates that grow as 3GPP requirements evolve
Automation Framework Mobileum

From Lab to Live Network with CI/CD/CT Integration  

As software and service roll-out cycles become shorter, MNOs must adopt new operational processes to ensure continuous innovation, customer experience, and costs optimization.

SITE’s Next-Generation Core Network testing capabilities can be easily integrated into CI/CD/CT pipelines and support DevOps processes. Our platform introduces a vital continuous testing component and can be used to support a wide range of testing use cases for Core Network testing or Core Network testing combined with subscriber-level service assurance: 
  • Automated regression for software updates
  • Load testing for network functions or network segments
  • Load testing combined with subscriber-level service assurance
  • Segmented testing in live networks with core, radio, and smartphone test probes
  • And more…
Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment

Next Generation 5G Core Network Testing

Optimize performance, costs, and resources with 5G Core Network
testing and automation.

5G Core Network Testing for Lab

Lab departments have the crucial task of validating services, network functions, or software updates before they are rolled out in the live network. This requires specialized tools that perform the necessary load, protocol, and functional or negative tests over a wide range of interfaces.

SITE provides Core Network testing capabilities in lab testing mode to address the requirements of service design and dimensioning, load testing, regression testing, and more.  These capabilities can be combined with the E2E testing capabilities and create unique testing strategies such as application-level performance tests under load conditions, segmented network tests, or network function tests under isolation.  
5G Core Network Testing for Lab

6 key capabilities of Mobileum’s 5G Core Network testing for Lab

Application and interfaces
Applications and Interfaces
Supports all key 5G and LTE core interfaces, which can be easily mixed to create various test scenarios.
User friendly scripting
Interactive Subscriber Database
Monitor, modify, trigger any subscriber in the DB, change subscriber policies, APN events.
Scalable solution for Core Network Testing
Scalable and build
for performance
Can emulate millions of subscribers and various procedures over the available interfaces.
Automation Framework use cases
Integrated with
E2E Testing
Create unique testing scenarios in the lab using core interfaces combined with smartphone or radio interfaces.
Core network testing full automation
SITE in Lab testing mode can be fully automated and integrated into CI/CD/CT pipelines using SITEs RESTful API.
icon trusted partne
Real-time events
and pcap
Capture all incoming and outgoing packets at rates exceeding 200,000 packets per second. Log subscriber actions continuously or only on error.

Application-Level service performance under load (use case example)

The SITE system combines Lab testing capabilities and E2E service assurance under one platform. This opens the possibilities for unique testing scenarios such as evaluating application-level performance under load.

This can be easily done by using radio or smartphone-based probes for service assurance and core network probes to emulate load traffic. Lab teams can now dimension the network and evaluate the required resources for various SLAs and scenarios.
Core network testing use case

Benefit from a set of network function validation or regression tests

SITE's Lab testing mode capabilities and the wide range of interfaces that it can emulate make it the ideal tool for regression testing or network function validation. Lab teams can test a network function across all its functional interfaces, making sure that new vendors and new software updates are validated thoroughly before moving into production.

The ability to integrate Core Network Tests with CI/CD/CT pipeline tools makes this process fully automated. Once the new software is rolled out, the automated test cycle can be triggered via an API call and all the procedures will be executed as defined in the test plan.
Core Network testing use case

5G Core Network testing for Proactive Service Assurance

Continuous service assurance and monitoring are critical in a live network and service degradations must be detected before they have a business impact. SITE's Next-Generation Core Network testing provides insight into baseline network performance, on key core network interfaces, such as LTE S1 or 5G N2 and N3.

Combining high volume testing with detailed service level KPIs and using real subscriber profiles, it provides a method for operations teams to have a segmented view of service performance and easily distinguish between RAN and Core related faults or service degradations. Combined with SITEs Smartphone and Radio probes, the Core Network probes for service assurance provide an in-depth view into service performance during launch and operational phases.
  • Focused on subscriber level service assurance
  • A large number of use cases, e.g. data, browsing, video,
  • Voice, throughput, latency, etc.
  • Extensive application layer KPI
  • SIMMUX capabilities
  • Support for S1 LTE interface and N2/N3 5G interfaces 
Keyword-driven testing

OPEX saving with Automation and Proactive service assurance

Testing, monitoring, and regression effort typically increase as new technologies, features, or services are added to a network. Without automation, the overhead associated with these operational processes grows exponentially.

The operational effort can be reduced with a comprehensive automation strategy supported by a platform on which new use cases can be easily introduced. The flexibility of the SITE platform allows its users to easily onboard new services or technologies into their existing automation and testing processes, keeping the operational efforts to a minimum.  

Many Tier 1 Operators around the world have already shifted their testing methods toward an automated testing solution in order to achieve high test quality in record time:
  • Meet your time-to-market and quality objective
  • Save OPEX 
Core Network testing use case

ARPU protection and cost scalability with proactive service assurance

Communication Service Providers must monetize on the new technologies and services that they introduce to sustain their investments. This is particularly important with services where customer experience is key, such as 5G. Typically testing and monitoring efforts peak around the time the service or technology is launched but taper off as they become mature. The cycle repeats with each new service technology.

Unfortunately, this approach creates gaps where CSPs do not have visibility into their network and service performance and are exposed to churn due to bad customer experience. Automation and proactive service assurance bridges these gaps with continuous insights into service performance, across all technologies.
Core network testing use case

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Interfaces and applications for Core Network testing


A unique platform for Lab testing and Proactive Service Assurance

The evolution of network design and operations, driven by the fundamental changes brought by 5G must be supported with the right tools, that can be used across use cases and departments. The SITE platform provides the tools required by various departments at all stages of the network life cycle and service deployment. Core Network testing capabilities for the lab cover service planning and dimensioning, with load testing, functional, protocol, and negative testing. Core Network testing capabilities for service assurance provide a continuous baseline performance evaluation of the network.

These features can be combined with subscriber-level service performance measurements on smartphones on Radio Probes to correlate E2E performance with performance measured over segments of the network and create unique testing scenarios. The SITE platform and its capabilities provide a RESTful API that allows it to be integrated into any third-party tool and CI/CD/CT Pipeline. Furthermore, adding the Automation Framework capabilities to SITE enables it to enhance the testing capabilities, ad another automation layer and create more efficient testing and operational processes.
Keyword-driven testing

Core Network Testing with the SITE platform

Mobileum's SITE generates real-time traffic into the network emulating the real subscriber behavior. Probes are connected to our platform and placed strategically throughout the network to provide geographical coverage and fault localization, flagging problems before a business impact.

The resulting data is displayed in intuitive user-friendly dashboards and enables network quality analysis. Users can configure, schedule, edit and analyze tests according to their preferences. It is the fastest and most reliable way to ensure the successful launch of new services and technologies from the test lab to the live network. SITE minimizes the impact of network upgrades and architecture changes.

Our regression testing provides automated pre and post-view of the service quality. It generates powerful and reliable KPIs for competitor and technology benchmarking as well as positioning.   
mobileum 5g track real time performance

Core Network Testing for E2E service assurance

The SITE Active Testing Platform is part of Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS), a self-learning platform that supports DevOps and CI/CD/CT, optimizing root cause analysis and enabling operators to perform network upgrades and fully test new releases, automated as needed, in the lab, in the production network before deployment, and then to re-test them in the network to ensure quality and performance, avoiding glitches before any customer impact.

MAS gives 360° insights on service quality from both customer experience and network performance by generating a cross-correlation analysis across the network, user KPIs and service KPIs. It provides the complete customer experience view with 24/7 real-time analytics of individual subscriber digital activity.

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