Managing Customer Experience on a Partner Network

As more people use roaming services, the quality of customer roaming experience is increasingly important. As pricing bundles become commoditized, experience will become the key differentiator. Roaming experience is a special challenge.
The challenge of managing partner networks means that traditional monitoring tools struggle to measure and manage roaming customer experience.

Providing visibility and tools to take action

Mobileum’s Roaming CEM solution assures experience from the ground up, from monitoring network health to measuring an individual roamer’s experience. But visibility needs to be paired with action. Only Mobileum can provide the ability to take action – to steer customers based on quality, to identify the root cause of issues faster, and provides leverage in negotiations with partner networks for improved quality.

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Reduce Impact of Service Outages

Faster analytics-powered detection, troubleshooting and resolution of issues. Dynamic KPI thresholds reduce false positives.

Improve Customer Experience

R-CX scoring drives immediate improvements in roaming services. Roaming partner networks providing poor customer experiences are quickly highlighted. Improved NPS and reduced churn.

Automate Corrective Actions

Automatically steer valued roamers, with poor quality services, to better networks. Campaign to and compensate valued subscribers who had a poor roaming experience.

Negotiate Better Wholesale Rates

R-CX scoring helps operators to quickly quantify the service quality delivered by all roaming partners. Roaming partners delivering bad quality services should offer lower rates.