Domestic Network Testing


Test, Monitor, and Troubleshoot, 24/7 network services on the world’s number one end-to-end active testing platform

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Domestic network testing solutions

  • 5G Performance Testing

    5G Performance Testing

    Get all the insights to build and rollout a reliable and scalable 5G based network.

    Mobileum’s 5G Testing Suite is an active end-to-end testing solution for early 5G deployments, that leverages the full potential of the Mobileum testing portfolio, to deliver all the necessary insights related to 5G service performance and quality of experience.

    Smartphone based testing
    Fixed wireless access testing
    5G NSA testing

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  • Next Gen Core Network Testing

    Next Gen Core Network Testing

    Ensure performance for the complete network lifecyle, in the 5G Era and Beyond

    Supporting Operators from design and pre-launch testing in the Lab to launch and operation in the Live Network, Mobileum’s SITE’s Next Generation Core Network testing capabilities can be easily integrated into CI/CD pipelines and support Dev/Ops processes.

    CI/CD Integration
    5G Core Network Testing for lab
    Integrated with E2E testing

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  • Automation Framework

    Automation Framework

    Enhanced Automation addressing any production or lab automation-testing task

    Mobileum's Automation Framework reduces the challenges operators face with network design, technology integration, deployment, operation and maintenance, thus minimizing the risk of network or service failure that can lead to lost customers and revenue.

    Continuous testing with CI/CD
    Keyword-driven testing
    Testing with third party tools

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  • IoT Performance Testing

    IoT Performance Testing

    Ensure reliability to help enterprises connect and manage devices

    Mobileum is your partner to help you understand how to deliver better and faster IoT services both on B2B and B2C markets, with the required quality and performance. We enable you to grasp the testing requirements and the necessary measurement setups to get your IoT application up to date, with the required quality and performance.

    Connectivity testing
    IoT application platform testing
    Power Saving Features testing

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  • Smartphone Experience

    Smartphone Experience

    Test and Monitor Mobile Apps and Services on the latest Smartphones 24/7

    Mobileum’s Smartphone Experience solution has been designed for QoS testing and monitoring using Smartphones (iOS and Android devices). Combining simple user-defined scripting with robust hardware for 24/7 motioning, Smarpthone Experience addresses virtually any use case.

    Easy and Intuitive Scripting
    5G Testing
    OTT App Services

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  • Mobile Money Active Testing

    Mobile Money Active Testing

    Test and monitor Mobile Money performance to guarantee the best experience for the end user

    Mobileum’s Mobile Money active testing ensures a high degree of reliability between all systems involved in enabling financial transactions. Test and monitor Mobile Money services across Apps, SIM Toolkit, and USSD.

    App Reliability Testing
    Pro-Active Smartphone-Based Testing
    Compliant with ITU-T KPIs

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  • IMS & VoLTE Performance Testing

    IMS & VoLTE Performance Testing

    Ensure IMS quality across your traditional and value-added offerings

    Mobileum offers a comprehensive set of tools that operators can use to test and periodically monitor their IMS, VoLTE and VoLTE Roaming services, in all stages of deployment, from lab to live operation.

    IMS Testing
    VoLTE Testing 
    VoLTE Roaming Testing

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  • Video Performance Testing

    Video Performance Testing

    Validate the best user experience, the metric that will make or break your video service.

    Mobileum’s Video Quality Testing Suite is an end-to-end active service assurance solution to test, monitor, troubleshoot and benchmark video services. It is a flexible testing approach for both live and on demand content. Real-time alarms flag quality problems before a business impact.

    Live & on demand video testing
    Pre-deployment service testing
    Video testing for OTT Apps

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  • Emergency Services Testing

    Emergency Services Testing

    Emergency Services & eCall Testing, Safeguard critical services 24/7

    Mobileum’s Emergency Services Testing Suite tests and monitors National Emergency Numbers and eCall. Our solution has been designed to ensure that stakeholders always provide uninterrupted, reliable, and resilient communications access to the Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) for a flawless emergency service delivery that saves lives.

    Standard emergency calls
    Enhanced emergency calls 

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  • Voice, Data and Messaging Testing

    Voice, Data and Messaging Testing

    Deliver on your commitments of high-quality services

    Operators worldwide use Mobileum’s end-to-end active testing platform to test, monitor, troubleshoot and benchmark the whole spectrum of mobile services. Safeguarding basic services such as Voice, Data, and Messaging is paramount as they are the building blocks for other services offerings in which to capitalize.

    Validate your IP network
    Real-time alarms and reports
    Avoid churn and brand deterioration

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