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Improve roaming services revenue and quality

Mobileum Network solutions

Mobileum Network solutions are a set of tools for enhancing service quality thus generating more revenue by making roaming easier for our customers and their subscriber base.
By delivering a unique offer that covers a wide range of roaming needs, we believe that we can reduce the gap between legacy systems and emerging technologies bringing new business opportunities for roaming. Ultimately our mission is to help our customers provide better customer experiences and get more efficient use of their partners’ network while lowering their wholesale costs.

Mobileum Roaming Replicator

Mobileum’s Roaming Replicator enables you to increase your roaming footprint in a cost-effective manner. Roaming Replicator (RR) is a Multi-IMSI service that allows HPMN to reduce its wholesale cost by seamlessly activating most cost-effective IMSI, provided by a sponsor network for their international outbound travelers while roaming.

Roaming Replicator also enables a new MNO/MVNO to increase their roaming footprint instantly by seamlessly piggybacking on a Sponsor network.

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Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Mobileum GTP Proxy

Mobileum’s GTP Proxy enables you to manage your subscriber’s data session effectively.
Data is the key growth driver for mobile operators and operators need to make sure they have all the tools to control data their subscriber’s data session. Mobileum’s GTPProxy is a proxy for GTP-C and GTP-U traffic , which enables the operator to define flexible routing and traffic segregation decision based on subscriber category , roaming location , APN, etc.

There are multiple scenarios where APNs on handsets get corrupted, leading to data outage for subscribers. GTPProxy provides a seamless solution to handle APN corruption issue and ensure service continuity to end subscribers, reducing customer complaints and safeguard revenue. GTPProxy also enables multiple other use cases like topology-hiding, local break out, load balancing, GTP information element (IE) modification, etc.

Mobileum Virtual Home Environment (VHE)

Virtual Home Environment (VHE) is designed to help especially inexperienced subscribers, to use their phones as easily as possible whilst roaming. It does this by correcting numbers dialed by the roamer. In addition to correcting specific network short code numbers, the system can manage general numbers that the user might have dialed without, for example, using the appropriate international access codes.

If the dialed number does not “make sense” in the local numbering plan, Virtual Home Environment can automatically “correct” it. Monitoring roamers’ behavior by the countries they visit, and for inbound roamers by their country of origin, we can look for numbers that are most commonly, genuinely misdialed and then apply predictive models and flexible rules to proactively create a number correction. Mobileum’s VHE enables number correction and shortcode translation for both circuit switch and VoLTE calls.

Mobileum Roaming Software Portfolio

Discover why Mobileum product portfolio is changing the roaming landscape worldwide.

Mobileum SmartMediator

Mobileum SmartMediator delivers advanced interworking functions between CAMEL and SIP/Diameter.
For decades, operators have been using CAMEL (GSM) as the signaling protocol for service control in the Intelligent Network (IN) architecture, allowing them to deliver numerous services via roaming.

Despite the growth of all-IP LTE networks (Diameter), the IN still has a vital role to play as long as operators keep legacy voice and messaging systems or continue to use circuit-switched fallback for their voice services. SmartMediator enables an operator to re-use legacy systems by enabling interworking between SIP and CAMEL or CAMEL and Diameter, leading to cost-saving and service continuity across circuit-switched and VoLTE domains. By providing a complete and highly flexible interworking function, SmartMediator removes the typical issues related to migration from CAMEL based billing to Diameter architectures.

Mobileum Multi-Line for multiple GSM numbers on single device/SIM

Mobileum Multi-Line solution, allows you to offer an innovative service to your subscriber base that delivers several virtual MSISDNs, associated to single-SIM. Since there isn’t a need to change SIM cards between countries, when subscribers are looking for cheaper rates, you will be able to achieve a higher rate of retention among roamers within the two mobile networks via predefined service setup, leading to increased revenues due to service usage.

This solution can bring additional value to your customer base by allowing subscribers who roam frequently to specific destinations to have a local number in addition to their home number on the same SIM for receiving calls from local users at more affordable rates. This solution can also be used to enable multiple local MSISDNs on single-SIM, say one MSISDN for work and other for personal usage. Additional MSISDN can be provisioned permanently or temporarily for a few days, weeks or months.

Mobileum Multi-Line for Single Common number across multiple devices

There is a growing trend of people carrying multiple SIM-enabled devices (Phone, Smart-Watch, Tab, Fitness bands, etc.) and hence there is a need for a convenient way to manage all their devices. Mobileum’s Multil-line allows subscribers to maintain multiple active cellular devices but just one published GSM number. This solution enables single MSISDN across all devices, with all devices active simulataneously. With smart features like call hunting and parallel ringing, Multiline enable a subscriber to carry best device for the occasion. For instance, a subscriber may prefer to carry his smartwatch for a morning walk and still be reachable on primary MSISDN for calling and SMS.

Accelerate VoLTE roaming

A guide to accelerate interoperability, by making interconnection, peering and roaming easier.

Our roaming solutions, built on machine learning, offer the best technology to enable fast innovation.

Wholesale Business Advisor
Automate the end-to-end management of the wholesale business. Ensures operators can negotiate roaming agreements while accelerating the go-to-market strategy.
Steering of Roaming
Steering of roaming, or “preferred roaming” allows operators to decide which partner their subscribers will use while roaming.
Monitor and control network use in real-time to boost roaming revenues. Support the creation and enforcement of a wide range of roaming service packs, across voice, SMS, and data services.