Fraud Management

Fraud Management

Automate how you prevent and stop the deliberate act (or failure to act) to obtain an unauthorized benefit by using unethical means.

  • Bypass Fraud

    Bypass Fraud

    Protects CSPs from the fraudulent manipulation of call records

    Bypass Fraud protects CSPs from the fraudulent manipulation of call records by forwarding international calls using low-cost illegal connections. It prevents traffic diversion used by fraudsters to avoid the defined legal charges for interconnect services.

    Interconnect fraud
    Simbox fraud
    MTR bypass

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  • Revenue Share Fraud

    Revenue Share Fraud

    Protects CSPs from fraudulent traffic to premium rate numbers

    Revenue Share Fraud protects CSPs from fraudulent traffic to premium rate numbers. It can be done with hacked phones, stolen SIM cards, and compromised corporate PBXs to direct calls to their own or leased lines with billing of incoming connections. Another IRSF attack method is a drop-call that forces the victim to call back a premium number.

    Premium rate calls
    IoT Fraud

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  • SIP & VOIP Fraud

    SIP & VOIP Fraud

    Stop multiple fraud types that could lead to high phone bills

    SIP/VoIP fraud takes advantage of signaling information to stop multiple fraud types that could lead to high phone bills, revenue loss, increased costs and denial of service attacks. The solution can be integrated with network probes, including in-line probes that work with SS7, Diameter and the SIP network without affecting network behavior.

    Signaling monitoring
    PBX hacking
    Security monitoring

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  • Subscription Fraud

    Subscription Fraud

    Protects CSPs from subscriber account takeover

    Subscription Fraud protects CSPs from subscriber account takeover by preventing fraudsters from signing up to new contracts or services without valid authorization or by using fake or stolen information.

    Synthetic identity
    Social engineering
    Digital identity

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  • CLI Spoofing and Robocalling

    CLI Spoofing and Robocalling

    Detects nuisance and malicious calls

    CLI Spoofing and Robocalling fraud solution detects nuisance and malicious calls, which include automated telemarketing/voice SPAM, impersonation scams, voice phishing (vishing), social engineering, and harassing calls offering protection to CSPs customers from such illegal, spoofed and spam calls.

    Spam calls
    Spoofed calls

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  • Dealer Fraud

    Dealer Fraud

    Protects your business from fraudulent dealers

    Dealers Fraud protects your business from fraudulent dealers trying to create or manipulate activations or products to obtain unfair profit or commissions. Abuse of commission and incentive schemes may include the creation of false subscriptions; re-activation of old accounts (flipping) cloning of SIMs, handset unlocking and IMEI identity changing. 

    Fake activations
    Stolen devices
    Fraudulent commisions

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  • Data Fraud

    Data Fraud

    Prevents CSPs’ network from free/zero charge data usage

    Data Fraud prevents CSPs’ network from free/zero charge data usage through Data tunneling or subscribers performing illegal tethering abusing your network and data plan. This module has been developed to work on unstructured data gathered from Mobileum’s or third party DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) tools and probes for creating various fraud models.

    Data bypass
    Zero-rated services
    Promotion abuse

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  • Telecom Wholesale Fraud

    Telecom Wholesale Fraud

    Prevents CSPs wholesale network from various fraud issues

    Wholesale Fraud prevents CSPs wholesale network from various fraud issues such as false answer supervision, call stretching or wholesale SIP TrunkingIt uses AI/ML together with rules for analyzing signaling traffic and interconnect CDRs to detect the presence of illegal carriers and fraudsters operating on the wholesale network.

    SIP trunking
    Zero-rated service

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  • Roaming Fraud

    Roaming Fraud

    Protects CSPs from fraudulent usage of roaming products

    Protects CSPs from fraudulent usage of roaming products and services by people outside of your network who have no intention of paying for them, thereby stopping fraudsters from making their home network responsible for these charges.

    Fraudulent calls
    Signaling monitoring
    Real-time analysis

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  • Content Piracy

    Content Piracy

    Comprehensive insights to halt online piracy and protect profitability

    The unique combination of proprietary technology, data intelligence, and analytics expertise to detect and defend against online piracy occurring around the world.

    End-to-end solution
    Automated crawling technology
    Multi-disciplinary specialists

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  • SMS Bypass Fraud

    SMS Bypass Fraud

    Protects CSPs from SMS based threads, like SMS bypass and SMS pumpimg.

    SMS is considered one of the most reliable communication methods with a high delivery rate to the end user. However, this very fact makes SMS a prime target for fraudulent activities.

    SMS Bypass
    SMS pumping to subscribe services to international numbers.

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