Business Operations

Business Operations

Business support systems to support CSPs running its business operations towards customers

Business Operations Solutions

  • Incentives Management

    Incentives Management

    Collect, transform, validate and tag transactional data

    RAID Incentives was designed from scratch for telecommunication operators and is ready to collect, transform, validate and tag transactional data from any BSS/OSS component in real-time. RAID Incentives is designed to support any combination of pay components, rules, calculations, aggregations, and sequencing that might be required to align sales with your company’s business goals.

    Commissions management
    Dealer management

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  • Collections Management

    Collections Management

    Flexibly adjustable workflows and task management capabilities

    Automatically assigned collection strategies define the planned activities for the collection processes that are based on flexibly adjustable workflows and task management capabilities. For hard collection processes, the system provides a workflow editor, where the power users can easily configure any hard collection flows within minutes, or even create new ones.

    Past-due payments
    Collections management
    Debt recovery

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