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More than just looking at the revenue value chain there is a set of business support processes within the CSPs that are critical to audit in order to ensure that a company keeps its costs under control. Along these processes, we can include order provisioning, sales incentives or collections among others.

Business Assurance

Business Assurance

Mobileum’s Business Assurance near real time data integration and auditing capabilities make it possible to closely keep track of the accuracy of the business and internal process, leading to a cost effective management. Today’s management require to keep track of leading indicators like outsourcing control, margin assurance, financial control and resource management.

With this solution it is possible to collect data from all management support systems to ensure that a company’s internal processes are aligned with the defined targets. In order to help CSPs keep costs under control RAID Business Assurance is continually reading, aggregating and validating data over the audited processes, analyzing transactions and triggering call for action when deviations are detected.

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