Self-Service Analytics

Create interactive cross-functional dashboards

Use interactive dashboards and KPIs to investigate further, uncover hidden relations and connect the dots.

A unified environment for engaging users with business metrics

Active Intelligence dashboards and reports provide a quick understanding of what needs attention, which alerts need to be tracked and which tasks require follow-up by deploying analytics that continuously monitor business operations.
unified environment

Build enhanced dashboards that give you the best visual experience

Active Intelligence natively offers a complete range of tools that provide augmented monitoring and measuring capabilities, including a visual KPI designer and business sensors to improve business status awareness.

Filter actions trim down the amount of data displayed in the dashboard in order to help the viewer zero in on the information that's most valuable to them. This is critical in data visualization because it helps you allow discovery for your users and makes the insights they find easier to retain.

Non-technical users can effortlessly create business metrics and dashboards by accessing easy to use drag and drop features working on top of the platform’s native business logic layer.
Build the best dashboard
business reports workflows

Define business reports workflows for centralized communication

Active Intelligence allows you and your team to receive custom-built notifications whenever new alerts or alarms are triggered by the platform’s monitoring engines.
Smart notifications include automatic escalation paths, configurable priority scores and anti-flooding measures for increased team efficiency.

An analytics workflow empowers business users to ask and answer their own questions with data, enables people to easily share their insights with their team and the rest of the organization, and ensures that the data supporting their decisions is accurate, trusted, and secure.

Notifications allow you to monitor a variety of alerting scenarios based on specific thresholds and alerts defined. You can have saved searches run automatically on regular schedules so that they send alert messages to the specified destination when their results meet certain conditions.

One platform that cut the data silos between all telecom applications and insights

Digital business depends on a flexible application portfolio that enables delightful digital experiences, that support new ways of doing business, and that makes the most of new technologies.

Intelligent reports made easy

Rich and insightful reports are part of the product for specific business monitoring scenarios and can be extended by power users to be delivered to specific roles or user types (SoD) to ensure a clear and robust data governance policy.
Active Intelligence offers a wide range of Export options that will help you to further facilitate collaboration even while working offline
Out-of-the-box advanced scheduling capabilities enable you to define when, how and who should receive each specific report ensuring constant business auditing.
  • You can export your data, reports, and dashboards that you create using Active Intelligence.
  • You can export them in various file formats like CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, and as an Image (applicable only for charts)
  • You can customize the data that you wish to export.
  • You can even email reports to users.
  • You can set up schedules to email your reports and dashboards at periodic intervals.
  • You can print the exported file for offline consumption
Intelligent reports made easy
Web Services Integration

Web Services Integration

Multi-channel notification delivery support allows Active Intelligence to integrate alerts in real-time into multiple external platforms complementing the platform’s internal notifications for a 360º early warning system.
Built-in web services and APIs enable Active Intelligence to automatically notify universally used systems like Jira, Remedy, Salesforce, Skype, or Slack, among others.

Deep learning for prioritizing faster response to the most relevant alerts 

Not applying predictive metrics to cross-boundary business processes leaves your organization vulnerable to risk and unable to execute your business strategies.

Active Intelligence helps to optimize business performance by learning for instance on lost, recovered and prevented amounts evolve and then uses those insights to continuously fine-tune your business controls and ensure compliance with your SLAs.

Everything you need for collecting, cleaning, preparing, and structuring the data before your ML model and all the logic and connectors you need after your model is provided by Active Intelligence. The Machine Learning workbench enables you to build flows to get faster than ever alerts.
Continuous Learning

Learn how Active Intelligence's ‘data lake’ can turn into an ocean of telecom intelligence and actions

Schedule a meeting with us and see what Active Intelligence can do for your business.

Access a prebuilt catalog of telecom products on top of Active Intelligence low-code platform

Risk Management
Risk Management and Continous Control Monitoring
Automate risk management processes through continuous control monitoring on telecom processes that improve profits, revenues, and cash flows without influencing demand. Access a prebuilt catalog of high-impact revenue assurance risks on telecom processes, and improve your risk-based approach by applying continuous control monitoring on top of data. Empower risk-based decisions across the telecom value chain with a unified data environment and analytics derived by the Active Intelligence platform.
Roaming, Network and Security
Roaming, Network and Security
Our comprehensive portfolio of Roaming, Network, and Security products provides the deepness and coverage to support communication service providers with the most robust and high-performing network solutions. Our products integrate data insights with our expert knowledge to offer service providers the backup they need. Our products help our customers to improve network services by simplifying their operations, responding quickly to fast-changing demand, secure their operations, and get the most from their resources to ensure maximum service performance and reliability.
Automated Testing and Monitoring
Automated Testing and Monitoring
Automate and run your tests earlier and more frequently to discover errors sooner. Create realistic workloads, track SLAs, and analyze the root cause of any issue. Test network and services at various stages of telecommunications product development life-cycle. Furthermore, automation enables stress-free network maintenance as most repetitive and time-consuming tasks are taken care of by specialized engines blending Rule Base, Closed Loop, and ML operations. Add testing automation that acts as the foundation pillar to manage the E2E user experience.
Explainable AI

Leverage explainable AI as part of your business operations

As part of our products on top of the Active Intelligence platform, we provide Explainable AI. These are a set of tools that help business analysts understand and interpret predictions made by machine learning models in scenarios such as fraud detection.

By leveraging explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) as part of our products, we make it easier for business to comprehend and trust the results and output created by machine learning algorithms. At the same time, by following this approach, we can help teams characterize model accuracy, fairness, transparency and outcomes in AI-powered decision-making.
Create machine learning dashboards

Create machine learning dashboards, designed to make prototyping experiments easier

In the telecom data-driven era, speed to insight has become critical for success. Predictive models have little value unless they’re rapidly operationalized for use within your business. Business analysts can make huge strides by improving data insights and delivering proactive “intelligent” dashboards with machine learning.
Active Intelligence visualization tools allow the discovery of unseen data relationships and business opportunities. The analytical components connect with dashboards to offer simpler interfaces and dynamic modeling. Intelligent dashboards coupled with state-of-the-art data ingestion, and analytical tools empower business users to make better business decisions.