Active Intelligence Platform - Business Operations

An intelligent platform for CSPs to simplify their operations

 Create innovative offers, deliver omnichannel experiences, and address problems before they impact your customers.
Data lake architecture

A data lake architecture for modern telecom applications

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions on top of the Active Intelligence platform helps CSPs create innovative offers, deliver omnichannel experiences, and address problems before affecting the customer base. It includes revenue management, security, experience management, and testing and monitoring software that enables you to deliver the right experience at the right moment.
The development of our portfolio on top of Active Intelligence is driven by the industry's transformational journey where standalone capabilities need to come together, the consolidation of the operations with assurance moving from network and service focused to customer and business standard, supported by zero-touch automation.

Drawing actionable insights from data tied to automate actions

Our telecom applications on top of Active Intelligence data lake reduce the pitfalls of other approaches that just dump information into an unmanageable “data lake.” Real-time, near-network correlation, linked with proven telecom-driven algorithms, data models, and business rules, provides actionable insights about customer and service experience, root cause analysis, and delivers automation for problem resolution.

Our unified portfolio of telecom solutions can take full advantage of the distributed nature of the data-lake technology as well as its ability to handle computing-intensive tasks, such as those required to conduct advanced analytics or to deploy machine-learning programs.
Drawing actionable insights
Codify decision logic to improve business

Create rules that codify decision logic to improve business performance

Active Intelligence provides a comprehensive library of telecom specific controls that enable you to explicitly define, analyze, execute, audit and maintain a complete set of business logic, collectively referred to as auditing rules.

Active Intelligence centralized rules repository allows for full control of the lifecycle and performance of each business monitoring and fraud detection rule, reducing human errors, avoiding redundancies and ensuring reliable data analysis for business monitoring purposes.

Analytic functions embedded in decision flows may be preceded by rules to filter, transform and validate the input data. They may be followed by other rules to validate, transform and test the analytic output. Rules may also be used to arbitrate the results, such as sorting the analytic output to pick the top results to be used in a decision (therefore, picking the best network routing scenario).

Visual Business Rules Modeling

Due to its intuitive graphical modeling features, Active Intelligence empowers business analysts throughout the entire lifecycle of creating, managing, optimizing and maintaining business rules for business monitoring.
Visually rich data validation interfaces in Active Intelligence ensures accurate business monitoring and the ability for non-programmers and business analysts alike to add or change business logic validations according to business policies and procedures while reducing the time it takes to translate new business scenarios requirements into monitoring specifications.

One platform that cut the data silos between all telecom applications and insights

Digital business depends on a flexible application portfolio that enables delightful digital experiences, that support new ways of doing business, and that makes the most of new technologies.
Reuse and Create Future Proof Fraud Detection Engines

Reuse and create future-proof business monitoring engines

Active Intelligence enables you to take advantage of a set of fully configurable fraud detection engines. Power users can update business controls from the type and source of input data up to the definition and management of data aggregations during the expansion of the fraud detection rule library.

Through the use of state-of-the-art machine learning technology, Active Intelligence also delivers the agility to define dynamic thresholds applied to fraud validation controls in order to reduce false positives.

Machine learning workbench delviers a comprehensive visual and programming interface

Use Active Intelligence’s built-in graphical interface or your preferred data science toolkit to create machine learning models and effortlessly integrate them into Active Intelligence’s model's repository for advanced data validations and enhanced fraud analysis.

This editor enables you to design your practical AI applications, ranging from data analysis loading over artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to output and definition of automation processes.

Take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence to fight fraud by combining an extensive fraud detection rules library with insights gathered from the execution of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models.
Machine Learning Workbench
Advanced Web Services APIs

Make applications seamlessly interact and exchange information, using advanced web services & APIs

Active Intelligence allows the remote management of business validations, fraud detection rules, and models by providing a complete set of web services and APIs that empower you to implement complex decision logic processes.

Using API to connect Mobiluem’s product portfolio or with 3rd party vendors also means you are better able to leverage the power of both, allowing you to deliver new, innovative products that help improve the experience of customers or clients. For example, network testing results can be shared with the steering of roaming (SoR), call routing, or even between network security products and fraud in order to produce real-time insights and actions that improve revenue management and customer experience.

External data from a third party or cloud services can be easily collected and integrated into business validations by Active Intelligence’s built-in connections to web services and APIs

Learn how Active Intelligence's ‘data lake’ can turn into an ocean of telecom intelligence and actions

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Optimization and testing tools for rule' accuracy

Complex processes usually cannot be controlled by simple process chains. When reaching a certain level of complexity, it makes sense to decouple business rules from the remaining process logic. This can be achieved by using a Business Rule Engine (BRE) to manage, maintain and execute business rules.

With Active Intelligence’s smart visual assistant users can easily create new data validations. Just follow the visual step by step wizard and benefit from the system guidance to improve productivity.

A complete set of enhanced rules management features enable the usage of built-in test scenarios and assisted rules optimization tools for taking advantage of a fully controlled tests environment.
Optimization And Testing Tools
High performance real-time data ingestion

High performance real-time data ingestion and validations

The shift towards real-time data flow has a major impact on the way applications are designed and on the work of data engineers. Dealing with real-time data flows brings a paradigm shift and an added layer of complexity compared to traditional integration and processing methods

Active Intelligence has been engineered and proven in the market to seamlessly scale with your business in order to always guarantee full coverage of new and existing revenue leakages as new business models emerge.

Every day billions of events are processed and validated on Active Intelligence platforms all over the world in batch or real-time through our state-of-the-art event streaming and complex event processing technologies.

Full Governance And Audit Support

Active Intelligence helps you to meet your governance and audit requirements by maintaining the complete traceability of every process execution, by ensuring human supervision on automated decision processes and by supplying extensive support for permissions and user roles management.
Full Governance And Audit Support

Access a prebuilt catalog of telecom products on top of Active Intelligence low-code platform

Risk Management
Risk Management and Continous Control Monitoring
Automate risk management processes through continuous control monitoring on telecom processes that improve profits, revenues, and cash flows without influencing demand. Access a prebuilt catalog of high-impact revenue assurance risks on telecom processes, and improve your risk-based approach by applying continuous control monitoring on top of data. Empower risk-based decisions across the telecom value chain with a unified data environment and analytics derived by the Active Intelligence platform.
Roaming, Network and Security
Engagement & Experience
A proprietary state-of-the-art Deep Network Analytics (DNA) technology that enables an extensive suite of Network and Business Solutions for CSPs. The solutions leverage AIP components to scale the value of Telco data and enable CSPs to deliver better network connectivity and optimal customer experience, drive commercial and marketing initiatives, and capitalize their data monetization potential.
Automated Testing and Monitoring
Automated Testing and Monitoring
Automate and run your tests earlier and more frequently to discover errors sooner. Create realistic workloads, track SLAs, and analyze the root cause of any issue. Test network and services at various stages of telecommunications product development life-cycle. Furthermore, automation enables stress-free network maintenance as most repetitive and time-consuming tasks are taken care of by specialized engines blending Rule Base, Closed Loop, and ML operations. Add testing automation that acts as the foundation pillar to manage the E2E user experience.