Mobileum will be VoLTE Theme Sponsor

Mobileum is sponsoring and presenting at the 2020 GSMA’s Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group event (WAS #12), on 20-22 October.

Additionally, Mobileum's CEO Bobby Srinivasan will be participating on the 5G’s discussion panel where he will share his views on the opportunities for wholesale agreements and the need to take advantage of these opportunities to remain competitive.

We are also proud to announce the participation of Goce Talaganov, Head of Product-Testing BU, SIGOS, on the VoLTE sessions we are sponsoring, sharing his insights on 2G/3G Closures & VoLTE.

Despite being a virtual event don't miss out on the chance to speak to our team of experts, and find out why more than 900 telecom operators all over the world, rely on Mobileum’s to accelerate growth and increase revenue. Amongst our portfolio, we will share some of the products that you can get more details, including: Roaming Customer Experience (RCEM)Wholesale Business Advisory (WBA)Steering of Roaming (SoR); Remote Support Node (to be announced soon); Remote Radio Testing (to be announced soon).

Note: Please register to attend WAS#12 on GSMA's InfoCentre².

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