WeMeet Europe 2019

May 22 Cascais-Sintra

Government Innovation


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  • Angela Amin

    Angela Amin

    Deputada Federal por SC

  • Carlos Carreiras

    Carlos Carreiras

    Presidente da Câmara de Cascais

  • Carlos Marques

    Carlos Marques

    Head of Product Marketing

    WeDo Technologies

    Joining WeDo Technologies in 2009, Carlos Marques previously held roles in marketing and sales for IT companies. Carlos is WeDo Technologies’ product marketing manager, the leader of the company product board - the “meeting point” for product & services strategy at WeDo Technologies. Carlos is also the person responsible for managing the product roadmap process in the company.

  • Daniel Santos

    Daniel Santos

    Service Designer at LabX - Laboratório de Experimentação da Administração Pública

    He was Design Lead at FutureEverything in Manchester, UK, where he worked on smart-cities and participative science projects. Before that, he lived in India, for about 4 years, where he taught design in higher education.

    He moved to Lisbon to join LabX as a service designer. There he is applying Service Design methodologies to make public services more efficient and improve the daily lives of Portuguese civil servants and citizens.

    Daniel holds a Master's of Art in Digital Experience Design, Postgraduate degree in Design Management and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts.

  • José Humberto Pires de Araújo

    José Humberto Pires de Araújo

    Secretário Executivo do CPPPGC

  • Luís Goes Pinheiro

    Luís Goes Pinheiro

    Secretário de Estado Adjunto e da Modernização Administrativa

  • Marlon Carvalho Cambraia

    Marlon Carvalho Cambraia

    Secretário Geral da CLDF

  • Paulo Medeiro

    Paulo Medeiro

    Chefe da Unidade de inovação da administração Pública da secretaria executiva de Governança e Compliance da casa Civil do Distrito Federal

  • Paulo Protásio

    Paulo Protásio

    Autoridade da Câmara Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro

  • Rafael Cavalcanti Prudente

    Rafael Cavalcanti Prudente

    Presidente da Câmara Legislativa do Distrito Federal (CLDF)

  • Raphael Roale

    Raphael Roale

    Business Development Director for South America

    WeDo Technologies
  • Rui Paiva

    Rui Paiva

    Chief Executive Officer

    WeDo Technologies

    Rui Paiva is CEO and co-founder of WeDo Technologies. Prior to founding WeDo Technologies in 2001, Rui Paiva was System Information Director and Deputy of Optimus Communications’ Executive Committee. Before, he was Consultancy Director at HP Portugal, following a career at Telecel/Vodafone Portugal heading up the Infrastructure, Operations and Help Desk Department.

  • Rui Ricardo

    Rui Ricardo

    Responsável pelos Sistemas Analíticos e de Garantia de Receita

    Brisa - Auto-estradas de Portugal
  • Fernando Gonçalves

    Fernando Gonçalves

    Economist and Writer

  • Walter Marinho

    Walter Marinho

    CEO and Manager Innovation Consultant

    Geneseg Group