Product Documentation

Release Notes

Mobile Testing Enterprise Release Notes (9.4.0)

User Guides

DAE Monitoring Best Practice Workflow (concepts and workflow for creating and scheduling monitor scripts)

DAE Monitoring Portal Guide (interpreting monitoring data)



Monitoring – REST API
DeviceAnywhere Studio Automation Scripting Guide (refer to sections on working with commands to construct actions, states, and test cases and executing them ad hoc)

DAE Guide to Image Matching

DAE Guide to Text Matching

Quick Command Reference

Best Practices for Object Scripting


Device Interaction

DAE Interactive User Guide (refer to sections on device interaction)


How-To Videos


Create a Project and Add Devices to the Project
Adapt the Same Script to Other Devices
Create an Action and Implement a Script on One Device
Use Record Feature
Use Drag-and-Drop Feature
Use Objects – Touch, Edit and Swipe
Use Wait Event – Image, Text, and Object
Create Loop and Data Set
Use Extract Text Feature
Execute Attended Automation
Install Application Using an APK File
Create Test Cases
Create Logic If Statements
Create a Transaction


Create a Monitor and Schedule
Create an Error
Create a Transaction and Monitor Policies
Create Alerts


Log Into the Monitoring Portal and Manage Filters
Schedule Reports
Use KPIs and Charts
Drill Down in Reporting

Demo Videos

App Experience Monitoring: From Scripting to Issue Troubleshooting