Mobileum recognized as a leading SMS Firewall provider by Juniper Research

Mobileum recognized as a leading SMS Firewall provider by Juniper Research

Mobileum recognized as a leading SMS Firewall provider by Juniper Research

Machine learning noted as critical component to identify and mitigate fraudulent traffic for mobile network operators

CUPERTINO, CA – December, 9.2020 – Mobileum Inc. (“Mobileum”), a leading global provider of analytics-based roaming and network services, telco security, risk management, and testing and monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce it has been listed as a leading SMS Firewall provider in a new study from Juniper Research. The research was based on criteria that included achieving a high level of technology innovation and digital investment.

Mobileum’s position in the Juniper report reflects the depth of its SMS Firewall offering, including the ability to provide its global customer base with advanced analytics via machine learning and natural language processing. The research from Juniper highlighted machine learning’s ability to identify and mitigate fraudulent traffic in real-time as critical.

According to research author Scarlett Woodford, “Machine learning is crucial to combatting fraud, as it enables network operators to compete with the constantly evolving tactics of malevolent players. SMS firewall vendors must implement machine learning techniques to detect new fraudulent tactics, or they risk losing market share to more technologically-adept vendors.”

“Mobileum’s SMS Firewall utilizes machine learning technologies, delivering enhanced security to combat fraud and boost enterprise messaging revenue. For our customers, application-to-person (A2P) messaging is meant to be a cost-effective and secure means to communicate important information, such as anti-fraud alerts, one-time passwords, and appointment reminders to its customers. When fraudsters attempt to avoid paying termination charges via grey routes, it puts this low-cost communication tool at risk for enterprises, while also negatively impacting operator revenue,” stated Steve Buck, Chief of Security Business at Mobileum.

Part of the Mobileum Security Intelligence portfolio, the SMS Firewall solution automatically identifies known and new suspicious message content, reducing revenue leakage by controlling fraudulent A2P traffic from grey routes. It also detects SMS spamming and smishing, protecting customers from malicious attacks.


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