Make new offers without cannibalizing existing revenues

As roaming data usage grows, there is a clear opportunity to sell data bundles to “silent” data roamers. Everyone knows there will be better offer uptake if prices are lower, but how can you make changes without cannibalizing the existing revenue stream from current data users? Who should you target? What should the offers be?

Confident roamer targeting though analytics

Mobiluem’s integrated approach delivers results faster. We leverage analytics to discover the right segments to target, to design the right bundles and the right timing for campaigns. We work in partnership with our customers, and our cloud and hybrid deployment models enable a low-friction, stress free project.

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Increased Revenue

Targeted campaigning of silent and active roamer segments with pack recommendations and attractive offers.

Fast Time to Market

Pre-configured roaming packs and Accelerators support fast service deployments.
Integrated solution can be deployed quickly. Reduced costs through faster solution and service activations.

Better Customer Engagement

Advanced insights drive improved roaming experience. Personalized, helpful recommendations and communications improve engagement.

Reduced Costs

Roaming service deployments can be done by operator. More engaged customers less likely to churn.