Are your fraud actions taken in real-time breaking the business model of fraudsters?

High levels of losses continue to occur on CSP’s networks in spite of investments in tools and fraud teams. Current capabilities within CSPs to detect fraud, along with the amount of time it takes, are inefficient. Automated management of fraud issues with high accuracy is needed to fight fraudsters effectively which helps reduce losses.

End-to-end management of fraud incidents including case management

Mobileum’s Virtual Fraud Manager provides in-line real-time detection of fraud events utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning with high levels of accuracy on fraud issues. Full end-to-end automated management of specific fraud issues allows the CSP to allocate resources effectively. Roaming Fraud, IRSF, Bypass and Data Fraud can all be handled expertly by our Virtual Fraud Manager.

Frauds we catch

• Voice and SMS SIM Box Fraud

• International and Domestic Revenue Share Fraud

• SIP Fraud

• Caller ID Spoofing Fraud

• Caller ID Refi ling Fraud

• Subscription Fraud

• Robocalling Fraud

• Interconnect Risk Manager

• STIR/SHAKEN support for Caller ID Authentication

• Wangiri

• Data Fraud

• SIM Swap Fraud

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Plug Revenue Leakages

Understand in real-time how to stop fraud and acts of arbitrage.

Virtual Fraud Help for your team

Automated handling of time and money consuming fraud issues with our Virtual Fraud Manager.

Increase capabilities

End-to-end automation allows your team to operate in a a more streamlined, effficient manner

Analytical Insight

Utilise our best-in-class analytics to guide traffic based on QoS, business targets and wholesale costs