Wholesale Roaming

Powering Mobile Roaming

Wholesale Roaming solutions are the backbone of the mobile roaming industry.

When choosing a multi-technology steering solution, Mobile Network Operators (MNO) insist on reliability, scalability and flexibility.

When choosing a wholesale analysis solution, MNOs require solutions based on deep domain knowledge with world-class analytics at its core.

Mobileum has been at the forefront of Wholesale Roaming solutions for close to two decades and has proven that it supports MNOs with subscriber bases ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions.


Steering to Experience and Savings

A disruptive operator in North America was treading the fine line between meeting very aggressive and time-bound wholesale targets without compromising on roaming subscriber experience.

Using Mobileum’s analytics-based steering solution, the operator has been able to generate savings in excess of $30 million per year while at the same time offering an optimal roaming experience to millions of subscribers.



Carrier-Grade Steering

Mobileum started nearly two decades ago with a focus on steering. These days, Mobileum’s inbound and outbound roamer steering solutions empower operators with subscriber bases from hundreds of thousands to ten of millions worldwide. We estimate that our steering solutions support over a billion roamers each year.

Intelligent Hybrid Steering Capabilities

Mobileum’s Steering solutions cover all steering requirements. Redirection is achieved initially with over-the-air (OTA) technology followed by maintaining the roamer on the preferred network with signalling-based steering. In addition, steering analytics allows for intelligent roaming decisions based on wholesale agreements, geographies, devices, quality of service (QoS) and subscriber profiles.

True Margin Reporting & Financial Management

Mobileum’s Wholesale Roaming solutions ingests interconnect price lists to report actual costs and true margins on roaming network traffic usage. It also allows for the creation of budgets, monthly accrual reporting and deviation highlighting.

Advanced Forecasting & Simulation Capabilities

Advanced forecasting and simulation capabilities empower MNOs to undertake financial impact analysis on exchange rate fluctuations, duration, number of events, market share and traffic steering.

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