Roaming Operations

Streamline Roaming Operations

Regulation, both global and local, and increasing fraud are each having their own adverse impact on roaming revenues.

Mobile Network Operators (MNO) need to utilize smarter tools to streamline regulation compliance requirements and to actively combat fraud attempts in real-time.

Mobileum’s Roaming Operations solution empowers MNOs worldwide to automate the compliance and reporting requirements associated with inter-operator agreements. In addition, it can aid MNOs to fight roaming fraud faster than ever before and with a higher degree of accuracy.

Breaking the Fraud Business Model

A North American operator was looking for new and innovative ways to increase the fight against fraud on their network.

Roaming fraud was one particular pain point due to the higher cost-per-call value and the inherent time-delay in receiving the call records from visited countries. This made it harder to shut down fraud runs in time to disrupt the fraudster business model.

In its first year of operation however, Mobileum’s solution identified and saved approximately $3 million in roaming International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) alone.




Automating IREG and GRQ Testing

Mobileum’s TestFactory solution automates IREG and GRQ testing allowing for faster roll-out of new roaming agreements. Supporting all IREG protocols and offering comprehensive troubleshooting capability via our online testing tool.

Combating Roaming Fraud

Mobileum’s Roaming Fraud solutions offer a world-class way to combat the constant scourge of roaming fraud. Combining real-time detection with near real-time protection, the fraudster business model can be broken over and over again. In addition, the use of crowdsourced fraud insights from our cloud-based service and our best-in-class low false positive rate empowers MNOs to eradicate rather than just manage fraud.

Testing Roaming Partnership Quality

Typically, bad roaming experiences lead to silent, unhappy subscribers and churn. Subscriber roaming experience needs to be measured across all partnerships in order to ensure that your subscribers are experiencing the best quality roaming that you can provide. Mobileum’s solution allows for testing across 6,000+ VLRs and hundreds of E2E units and mobile roaming robots around the world. This empowers full, handset-level testing and features on-the-move measurements.

Cloud-Based for Frictionless Engagement

Mobileum’s TestFactory solution is entirely cloud-based meaning there is no requirement for new hardware or network connections. Testing is initiated from the cloud using routing configurations which enable VLR testing. The UI is the most modern and intuitive on the market today providing the ultimate experience to both expert and novice users.

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