Roaming Experience Analytics

Roaming CEM Through Analytics

Improving customer experience is a key imperative in today’s competitive environment. As pricing bundles become commoditized, customer experience is becoming the key differentiator.

As more people travel and use their smartphones abroad, the overall roaming customer experience, and the roaming service quality in particular, is becoming increasingly important.

Managing roaming experience is a special challenge. The difference in the networks involved, the delays in access to timely data and the lack of traditional resolution channels mean that traditional service assurance and CEM tools struggle to measure, quantify and manage roaming customer experiences. Customers are less likely to report issues when they return, but NPS and churn are adversely affected nonetheless.

Mobileum takes a holistic approach to the roaming experience issue. Our deep knowledge of the roaming customer journey and the underlying roaming infrastructure gives us the capability to meaningfully assess the individual roaming customer experience and provide the expertise and tools to improve it, for example, by steering roamers to higher quality networks.

Analytics Driven Steering

A tier-1 European operator was having difficulty meeting wholesale volume targets with one of its South American partners.

Mobileum’s roaming experience analytics was able to determine that the preferred partner was receiving too large a share of low usage silent roamers.

A new steering rule implemented, based on the analysis, was able to save over $150k with this single partner in under a year.



Roaming Service Experience Analytics

Providing the capability to analyze and segment the customer experience, and aid in recommending, prioritizing and executing action, from network configuration issues, to tests, to steering rules. This visibility and analysis is available at global level, partner network level, all the way to analysis of individual roamers to support care scenarios.

Roaming Experience Monitoring

Our solution provides ongoing quality and performance measurements on both the network and data planes to provide a comprehensive view of network behaviour which enables pre-emptive fault detection and trouble-shooting.

Automated Roaming Quality Testing

Our integrated test platform is a proactive qualitative mobile testing capability for measuring quality of roaming experiences, which proactively detects service issues, informs about trends and also feeds a unique KPI-driven dashboard.

Intelligent Steering of Roaming

We have combined our integrated approach to roaming experience and our continued innovation and leadership in steering of roaming to enable analytics-driven steering to quality. This lets operators direct the right segments of roamers to the partner which will deliver the best customer experience where this is more important than the wholesale rate.

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