Roaming Customer Experience

Insight into all your Roaming Touchpoints

The roaming landscape is changing rapidly. Competition, regulation and disruptive players are driving down the profitability of traditional roaming services. In parallel, the customer base is changing to mass market, overall usage is growing, and customers are getting more relaxed about using roaming services. It is time to change the focus from the roaming service to the roaming customer base. MNOs need to recognize that the roaming customer base is an asset to be nurtured, managed and monetized. Mobileum has the end-to-end capability to analyze all roaming customer experiences, from service issues across all touchpoints, and has the tools and expertize to optimize the engagement and service experience to rapidly increase roaming revenues and profitability.

Retail Roaming Analytics

The key to increasing retail roaming revenue is having the flexibility to offer additional value to any segment of roamer. Targeting silent roamers with the right offer at the right time will unlock hidden revenue.


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Roaming Experience Analytics

Improving customer experience is a key imperative in today’s competitive environment. As pricing bundles become commoditized, customer experience is becoming the key differentiator.


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