Retail Roaming Analytics

Increase Roaming Revenue

The key to increasing retail roaming revenue is having the flexibility to offer additional value to any segment of roamer. Targeting silent roamers with the right offer at the right time will unlock hidden revenue.

Day pass roamers will purchase additional capacity and add-ons if they see the price and the offer is right. As consumers become more comfortable with roaming, they will be more inclined to spend.

The complex interplay of customer segments, usage trends per segment, device impacts, retail rates and destination types involved in roaming requires sophisticated analysis.

Our unique technical analytics capability, combined with our  roaming domain expertise and ability to make business recommendations and act on them quickly through the roaming BSS, allows us to impact your retail roaming business faster.

Value Through Segmentation

An innovative Australian operator found it difficult to configure roaming travel packs within their existing systems. Today, using Mobileum’s Retail Roaming Analytics, this operator offers a range of voice, SMS and data packs, to different travel zones. This program has unlocked a revenue stream in excess of $20 million per annum.

Retail Roaming Offers

Roaming Business Benchmarking

Work with our expert Roaming Business consultants to assess your business and benchmark it against best practice in the industry. They will provide rapid recommendations on systems and process change and work with you on a business case for change.

Unique Roaming Analytics Software

We have combined our unique analytics technology with our rich domain expertise and  business experience in roaming into a flexible easy to use application. This software is available as a cloud-service and lets you optimize your roaming customer segmentation and retail price plans and packs.

Analytics Consultancy Service

Our analytics software is offered with a consultancy service to help you make best use of the capability. Our analysts will help you to understand the data, guide you on the optimal segmentation policies, determine the optimal price points though A/B testing, and deliver ongoing expert support and recommendations through every change you make.

Accelerated Solutions Service

We provide a service to accelerate and ease deployment of retail roaming systems. We can rapidly integrate with existing campaign and pricing systems and we also offer our own roaming campaign, policy and charging tools specifically designed for roaming.

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