Network Security Analytics

Reputation, Privacy & Revenue Protected

Mobile network security attacks have the potential to cause untold damage, both financial and reputational, to MNOs all over the world. Attackers are constantly threatening your network and your customers. From message and call interceptions, to denial of service attacks against individual subscribers as well as the network, to billing & charging threats, the avenues of attack are growing.

Mobileum’s Network Security Analytics solution empowers MNOs with the confidence that their vulnerable network components are being monitored and protected, with flexible and intelligent analytics-based security. Our unique Active Intelligence technology can monitor and correlate multiple types of signalling traffic over long periods and uses behavioral analytics to identify abnormal or suspicious traffic. It also categorizes the impact and intent of these anomalies, and powers our intelligent firewall to act in real-time to defend against threats.

Our solution has the flexibility and intelligence to handle both current and new threats allowing MNOs to focus on their business and not their security.

The cost of network security breaches

In early 2017, hackers used a sophisticated social engineering tactic to skim funds from bank customers in Germany. The customers affected had approximately $200,000 skimmed from their accounts. But the cost to an MNO who suffers a security breach can be much higher. The average cost for a data security breach where individual customer records are exposed has been estimated at somewhere between $200k and $4 million.

The classic calculation for allocating cost to security risks is called the ALE (Annualised Loss Expectancy). It is notoriously difficult to use for relatively rare events like these, but works in the following manner.

The ALE is achieved by multiplying the annual rate of occurrence (ARO) by the single loss expectancy (SLE). So if you expect the chances of an SS7 breach happening are 25%, and the expected loss would be $2m, then the ALE is $500k.

This means that if a vendor offers you a system which they say can reduce the chance of that incident happening to 0%, then a $500k annual spend would be a prudent investment.


Machine Learning-Based Security

With massive amounts of data, the activities of traditional security monitoring and management become virtually impossible as they are unable to scale. Threat intelligence feeds, visibility & monitoring with integrated machine learning will very quickly become a fundamental requirement for modern security solutions.

Centralized Threat Detection Analytics

Mobileum’s centralized threat detection solution ingests signalling and usage data sources to provide comprehensive detection for signalling, voice and internet-based threats across subscriber domains. Operators can select from multiple threat vectors as needed – e.g. Signalling, Data, IoT.

Managed Threat Intelligence Service

Our cloud-based solution uses intelligent data fusion techniques and transactional processing across multiple operator networks. Mobileum’s Active Intelligence platform utilizes deep learning algorithms which dynamically build an accurate database of live organizational threats from multiple sources for proactive, intelligent and prescriptive notification with complete forensic support.

Firewall and Policy Control

Mobileum’s policy enforcement tools protect network entry and exit points via intelligent and easy to use configuration workflows, and integration with Mobileum’s Threat Detection and Intelligence Service for automated active control as threats are discovered.

Security Solution Architecture

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