Fraud, Revenue Assurance and Security

Protecting your Revenue and Reputation

Mobile Network Operators (MNO) need modern methods to combat modern threats. Mobileum’s unique active intelligence approach delivers the flexibility and intelligence at the speed necessary to meet today’s challenges.

Modern fraud and security threats evolve and change fast, and inflexible applications cannot keep up. We use big data analytics correlated across many varieties of data types, from signalling, to user plane as well as behavioural signals. We use machine learning to determine which types of activities are unusual, and classify into varying categories of threat.

Speed of action is as important as analysis capability, so we can also instrument the network to let you control network and customer behavior in real time.

This unique approach lets us move beyond the rules-based paradigm to predictive and active prevention of threats, delivering unparalleled assurance of revenue and reputation.

Fraud & Revenue Leakage Analytics

Traditional approaches to managing Fraud and Revenue Assurance are failing. Typically these systems identify and analyze well known types of frauds, and most revenue assurance systems accept a certain level of leakage by design. Additionally, the upkeep and management of these systems is a manual and expensive undertaking. Mobileum addresses these fundamental issues head-on by taking a completely fresh approach. We combine the best of the old technology with all the advantages of the new.

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Network Security Analytics

Mobile network security attacks have the potential to cause untold damage, both financial and reputational, to MNOs all over the world. Attackers are constantly threatening your network and your customers. From message and call interceptions, to denial of service attacks against individual subscribers as well as the network, to billing & charging threats, the avenues of attack are growing. Mobileum’s Network Security Analytics solution empowers MNOs with the confidence that their vulnerable network components are being monitored and protected, with flexible and intelligent analytics-based security.

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