Fraud and Revenue Leakage Analytics

Tackling the causes Of Revenue Loss

Traditional approaches to managing Fraud and Revenue Assurance are failing. Typically these systems identify and analyze well known types of frauds, and most revenue assurance systems accept a certain level of leakage by design. Additionally, the upkeep and management of these systems is a manual and expensive undertaking.

Mobileum addresses these fundamental issues head-on by taking a completely fresh approach. We combine the best of the old technology with all the advantages of the new. We have put analytics at the heart of our solution, not as an afterthought, while retaining the familiar paradigms of traditional systems.

Our revenue assurance solution, for example, leverages big data technology to enable record-level reconciliation, flexibly across multiple data sources, reducing margins of error which can easily account for 1-2% of revenues.

And in the fight against fraud, our machine-learning capabilities identify the unknown unknowns, to put you one step ahead of the fraudster. In addition, our integrated action platform provides the automation and speed which empowers the eradication, rather than the management, of fraud.

Delivering Value in Revenue Assurance

A leading North American operator faced significant challenges in Interconnect Revenue Assurance. Manual processes, cross-departmental responsibilities and legacy systems had all but crippled their wholesale interconnect business.

Mobileum’s Fraud & RA platform allowed the MNO to limit revenue leakage, streamline the processes and maximize margins while providing valuable insights to help in planning for partner management and negotiating Inter-Operator Tariff (IOT) rates.

This activity delivered more than $25 million in additional revenue.



Combined Fraud & Revenue Assurance

We combine revenue assurance and fraud management into a single solution. The solution is modular and is available as a full suite. It also supports the ability to deliver individual use cases. This approach delivers real economies of scale and management overhead and also provides future-proofing against new use cases.

Integrated Big Data & Machine Learning Analytics

Our fraud and revenue assurance framework is built on our core active intelligence platform, which has been designed from the ground up to support advanced analysis of telecom specific datasets. This technology combines advanced analytics from correlation and multidimensional analysis of varied datasets, to outlier analysis and machine learning. It also incorporates a telco grade flexible service delivery platform for automated action.

Core Fraud & Revenue Assurance Framework

Our fraud and revenue assurance framework is flexible and open to supporting management of many different types of fraud and revenue assurance use cases. From usage based fraud such as IRSF and Bypass, to subscription and account fraud, as well as revenue assurance across retail and wholesale, our common framework underlies both solutions.

Flexible, Extensible, Easy to Deploy

The system is cloud-ready which enables the addition of features, upgrades and additional use cases as frictionlessly as possible. The underlying datasets and analytics platform can be extended to use cases beyond fraud and revenue assurance into security and other areas.

Fraud & Revenue Assurance Solution Architecture

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