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Monetizing your Roaming Audience

Competition, regulation and disruptive players are driving down the profitability of traditional roaming services. The experience of regulation in Europe is a taste of what is to come in other parts of the world.

This can sound like bad news, but it doesn’t look so bad when you look at it from the customers’ perspective. Roaming customers are happier these days. They are starting to become comfortable using their smartphones when travelling, and they are using more services and more often. What used to be a niche segment – the high-usage data roamer, is slowly starting to becoming mass market.

This is an opportunity. The lesson here is that operators need to start changing their focus from roaming network services, roaming partners and retail margins to the customer base itself and to understanding that the needs and wants of their roaming customers are over and above mere connectivity and voice.

Travellers are a specific market and have specific and predictable needs at specific times. If  operators can understand the roaming customer base, and crucially, if they can engage them in a meaningful and enjoyable way, they can start to discover new opportunities for revenue.

Mobileum is working with forward-thinking operators around the world, in diverse markets, from US to India to Europe, to create a global digital travel marketplace for roaming customers worldwide.

New Revenue via New Relationships

Improving engagement with roamers and using that engagement as a platform to offer enhanced and new services is a real  and viable new revenue opportunity for MNOs worldwide. Beginning with the basics of encouraging usage and converting silent roamers, to offering personalized and sponsored services to frequent travellers, the business case is enhanced with commissions and replacement revenue streams as the engaged audience grows. The potential new revenue stream for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 operator can reach $100m per annum.



Digital Engagement Platform

We use a combination of native and third-party services to deliver a superior end-user experience to the roaming traveller. From our white labelled fully-featured mobile application to customer services interface and integration with OTT chat interfaces, we offer a digital experience which is enjoyable, engaging and unique.

Travel Partner Ecosystem

Mobileum has a pre-built unique travel ecosystem out-of-the-box which includes top travel related businesses and opportunities from flight and hotel bookings to excursions, car hire, taxi travel and eating out. Each booking earns the MNO a commission. This is monetization at its best.

Roamer Micro-Segmentation & Analytics

Our unique analytics capability, driven by our Active Intelligence platform, underpins our ability to engage roamers. From predicting travel to determining price elasticity, designing packs and timing offers, we have the domain experience and the technology to support finely targeted segmentation and campaigns.

Growth Hacking

We have experience with cultivation and nurturing of the roaming user base, through reward systems, offers and precisely-timed promotions. Our team will work with and guide your marketing organization through the process of growing and nurturing the roaming customer base through a combination of usage analytics, fast adaptations and responsive marketing.

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