Customer Engagement

New Relationships, New Revenue Opportunities

Customers today want to be able to engage with their service providers as easily as they can with a friend, but it’s usually not possible. If they have a complaint, if they want more information about services, or they just have the human expectation of a personal engagement, they will be disappointed by the level of engagement they get.

Service providers do not speak with a single voice, and customers usually get different responses and different tones across different channels. They often have to wait for a response and communications are impersonal. Digital native consumers who expect personalized and real-time engagement are put off by the style and the tools on offer.

Service Providers need to change the focus from service to the customer. They need to recognize that their biggest asset is ultimately their customer base and they need to nurture and engage that asset in order to unlock future revenues.

Mobileum focuses on customer engagement solutions in specific areas where we understand the end-to-end customer journey. In these focused areas, we have the analytics and engagement tools to deliver a step-change in experience for customer, and we create opportunities for significant new revenue streams for operators.

Digital Travel Marketplace

Competition, regulation and disruptive players are driving down the profitability of traditional roaming services. The experience of regulation in Europe is a taste of what is to come in other parts of the world.

Travellers are a specific market and have specific and predictable needs at specific times. If  operators can understand the roaming customer base, and crucially, if they can engage them in a meaningful and enjoyable way, they can start to discover new opportunities for revenue.

Mobileum is working with forward-thinking operators around the world, in diverse markets, from US to India to Europe, to create a global digital travel marketplace for roaming customers worldwide.

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