Wholesale & Retail Analytics

Insightful Wholesale Roaming Management

Maximize revenues on Wholesale and Retail Agreements with a comprehensive and insightful view of roaming partnership performances.

  • True Margin Reporting

    Uses interconnect price list to report actual costs and true margins on traffic

  • Financial Performance Management

    Creates budgets, monthly accruals and highlights deviations

  • Advanced Forecasting

    Enables financial impact analysis on exchange rate fluctuations, duration, number of events, market share and traffic steering

  • Group Functionality

    Enables logical bundling of operators into group-level to assist in discount negotiations and reporting

Product Overview

WSRA delivers a variety business critical metrics used in the wholesale roaming business.It also enable operators to test the impact of changing inter-operator tariffs (IOT), implementing multiple IOTs, changing discount agreements and to understand the impacts of traffic steering.

The application runs on actual roaming traffic data (TAP records). It includes accurate and detailed information about roaming partner charges, discount agreements and forecasts. It supports inbound and outbound traffic, as well as all available service types, including voice, video, SMS and data.

It can identify problem areas, spot potential areas of improvement and allows testing to comprehensively understand the impact of such activities - including the direct effects and the potential indirect effects arising from reciprocal actions by roaming partners.

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