Virtual Home Environment

Hassle-free Subscriber Roaming

Increase roaming revenues by delivering seamless home-like experience for subscribers when they roam. Virtual Home Environment supports the same phonebook type experience for roamers when they travel fixing calls and short codes for roamers and care calls work just like home.

  • Smart Call Assistant

    Completes calls seamlessly, ensuring international prefixes or number transition is applied

  • Short Codes Completion

    Ensures that emergency calls and calls to care and other short code numbers are completed successfully

  • VoiceMail Call Completion

    Removes call tromboning and associated cost implications for the operator and subscriber

Product Overview

Mobileum's Virtual Home Environment increases revenue spend by roamers and offers a seamless roaming experience to roamers by ensuring they can use their mobile devices, while travelling, exactly as if they were in their home network.

The solution enables roamers to make calls, contact customer care, listen to voicemail or utilise home network short codes in exactly the same way as if they were at home without the need for number translation or additional prefixes.

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