Smart & Flexible Roaming Policy Implementation

Prevent and decrease roaming fraud with a smart, analytics-driven, real-time, monitoring and control solution

  • Flexible Configuration

    Multiple thresholds and actions as well as tenures for usage accumulation

  • Smart Policy Definitions

    Policy definitions based on who, where, when as well as call origin or destination

  • Smart Control Application

    Access Time Control for MO/MT Calls and Data. Registration Time Control for subscriber category and roaming location. Usage-based Service Control

Product Overview

RoamPolicy is an advanced roaming fraud prevention solution.

It allows operators to configure flexible policies which can be applied to roaming subscribers. These policy controls can be triggered on numerous actions including registration time, access time and on breach of usage thresholds.

Controls can be based on combinations of subscriber category, roaming location, time of day and destination or origin number among others.

Seamless integration with existing policy and control assets ensures minimal effort in defining and executing policy controls.

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