Actionable Insights for Roaming QoS

Assure roaming revenues and meet increasing subscriber expectations with best-in-class insight on roaming networks and customers, all with a eye on quality of service

  • Real-Time

    Monitoring and measuring of end-to-end roaming quality experience in real-time

  • SLA Monitoring

    Enables operators to verify roaming partner quality of service

  • VIP Monitoring

    Customer Experience Management and tracking for VIP groups

  • Detailed Reporting

    Allows for Network Quality Score (NQS) at individual subscriber level

Product Overview

RoamInsight ingests roaming data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive, actionable view and analysis of roaming subscribers and visited networks.

The solution provides dashboards and reports to support thorough performance monitoring, steering experience review and root cause analysis in the case of roaming problems.

The solution also fully supports the Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) framework as well as Mobileum’s own Network Quality Score.

Supports seamless integration with Mobileum’s Active Testing solution.

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