Silent Roamer Analytics

Smarter Silent Roamer Engagement

Monetize silent roamers by defining, segmenting and then engaging them with the right offer, at the right time

  • Near Real-Time Detection

    Silent Roamer Analytics detects usage of subscribers in real-time while they are roaming

  • Silent Roaming Prediction

    For people who have traveled before and have a travel history, Silent Roamer Analytics can predict if a subscriber is likely to be silent on their next trip

  • Purchase Propensity

    Using data science, Silent Roamer Analytics can identify the roaming bundle a customer is most likely to buy

  • Pack Design

    Silent Roamer Analytics suggests different roaming service packs (data only, data + voice) based on a subscriber's evolving roaming usage.

  • Travel Prediction

    Silent Roamer Analytics has a proven track record in predicting who will travel in both the near and medium term

  • Built-In Support for Campaign Management

    Whether an operator chooses to use Mobileum's iCampaign or their own campaign management system, Silent Roamer Analytics can seamlessly integrate to provide all the necessary fields for running campaigns

Product Overview

Silent Roamer Analytics is a fully featured solution to the problem of silent roamers both inbound and outbound. It identifies your silent roaming subscribers, both before and after travel, and then applies multi-dimensional segmentation to enable you to define specific cohorts of subscribers.

Using advanced analytics and machine learning, Silent Roamer Analytics can identify the voice, SMS and data service needs of your roamers as well as an associated purchase propensity.

The Travel Prediction model can predict subscribers’ future travel behavior up to a month in advance.

The combination of these three elements (travel prediction, multi-dimensional segmentation & purchase propensity) enables operators to conduct highly targeted and personalized roaming services campaigns leading to significant subscriber uptake.

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